Nearly everyone senses something is wrong; something isn't normal. They feel it. They know it. People paying attention see things are really off-kilter. Compared to just two decades ago, life is on tilt. Laid back life has switched to one of expectancy. Some wait for the Sword of Damocles to fall. Others expect a slower unraveling that brings great upheaval. Yet others anticipate Enlightenment. Some speak of the Great Cleansing. Whatever point of view, nearly everyone senses a coming "adjustment".

These expected changes can be summed up as End Times events. This doesn't mean the world will no longer exist, nor does it portend man's extinction. It does signal major change. Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed takes End Times Signs and matches them to the first trickles of these signposts several decades ago to current events showing where we are on the prophetic timeline. Prophetic Perils is a goosebump ride and a roadmap to unmistakable truths.
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2018 Will We See Christ's Return? The Last Generation – How Long Is a Generation?
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JAN 16
Mother of Harlots Part 2
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The Great Tribulation: What Is It? When Will It Occur? What Is Its Purpose? – HOLLY NOTE: It can't be far off. One sentence in particular caught my attention. It is the key and what is transpiring as you read this: "Specifically, the Bible says it will begin at a time when all the world comes together against Israel over the issue of who will control the city of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2-3)."
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2018: The Year in Review