We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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JAN 19
'Alarming' Memo on FISA Abuses Must Be Made Public, GOP Lawmakers Say
Shocking FISA Surveillance Abuses Stun Lawmakers
Sean Hannity Sara Carter FISA Memo – video
INTEL EXPERTS: "Heads Will Roll" When FISA Intel Memo Released Rosenstein and Ohr Will Be Fired – video
CIA-Connected Amazon Turns Over Record Amount of Data to US Law Enforcement
Democrats Ready to Block Bill to Avert Government Shutdown Sang Different Tune in 2013
Professor, Newsweek Mocked for Claims Clinton Can Still Become President
Course Uses 'Pyramid of White Supremacy' to Teach Diversity – video
Colorado Springs Remains Prime Nuclear Target
Kneel On This: Analysis: NFL Lost 23 Million TV Viewers for Playoffs 
Deep State DOJ Claims a "Glitch" is to Blame for 'Missing' Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs
Media Crushed to Discover President Trump Is Not Crazy
Newsweek Thinks Trump Might Have Erectile Dysfunction. Seriously?
Breaking: Donald Trump Is Not Pregnant
Hannity: Media Refuse to Face Reality That Trump Is Healthy – video
13 Children Who Were Held in House Of Horrors By Their Abusive Parents Were Only Allowed to Shower Twice a YEAR, Fed Just 1 Meal a Day
Senate Tees Up 17 Judicial Confirmations
Joe Tries to Stop Fruitcake-Mika After She Goes Too Far; Flat-Out Accuses DHS Secretary of Taking a Bribe from Trump
Army Major: "We're Killing These Kids, We're Breaking The Army!"
'Spit in Trump's Eye': Antifa Urges U.S. Soldiers to Revolt
Maysen Melton Charged with Raping 4 Classmates
Don't Miss These Amazing Old Photos
JAN 18
Trump’s Highly-Anticipated 2017 ‘Fake News Awards’ Shame CNN, New York Times and More
Fusion GPS Founder Admits He Didn’t Believe Trump Was ‘Suitable’ to be President While Compiling Hoax Dossier
Metro Lawyers: There Are Additional Suspects in the Mandalay Massacre
New Embarrassment for Megyn Kelly as NBC Sends Katie Couric to Olympics
CNN Star Sanjay Gupta Roasted for Stating Trump Has Heart Disease
Report: FBI Agent Shared Russia Probe Information With Christopher Steele
100 Victims Testify in Court Over Massive Child Molestation Cover-Up in USA Gymnastics
Confirmed: NBC News Crew Spotted Inside Bunker That Sent Hawaii Missile Alert, Just Hours Before Alert Went Out
What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right
Big Brother on America's Fishing Boats
Senior Democratic Staffer: ‘We Do Not Care About Anti-Semitism’
The Grooming of Oprah Winfrey: Setting the Stage
Just 24% of Voters Want Oprah to Run for President: Poll
S–hole? Clinton Made Us Explain Far Worse to Our Children
JAN 17
Journos Can't Accept Trump Is Healthy
Here is Trump's 2018 Medical Report
President Scores PERFECT 30 Out of 30 on Cognitive Exam… – HOLLY NOTE: I watched the hour-long Q&A where reporter tried their best to nail Trump (repeatedly) with Alzheimer's, bone spurs, stroke, heart attack, mental unfitness, Hep C (which you primarily get from using contaminated needles), dementia, cardiac issues, how much ice cream does he eat, what's his life expectancy (really?), criticized for eating burgers and drinking diet coke, for watching TV, lack of exercising, for sleeping only 4-5 hours a night, and did the doctor have a problem with how much Trump uses Twitter! In the last or nearly last question, one reporter even asked Trump's physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, if Trump was a drug addict. Trump's blood pressure is good at 75 / 122. Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson replied that Trump has exceptionally good genes and the fact that Trump has never smoked or taken a drink also helps, especially the no-smoking factor. The depths to which reporters plunged were astonishing. Reporters even asked Dr. Jackson if he was hiding anything, had he been completely truthful, was there anything Trump asked him not to disclose. (Jackson had the patience of a saint to repeatedly answer the same inane, asinine, insulting questions for an hour.) Reporters tied valiantly to find something, anything wrong with Trump and failed – miserably. Jackson shot them down with every response.
Related: Ronny Jackson: The White House Doctor Who Gave Trump a Clean Bill of Health
Google Refers to Republican Senator David Perdue as 'Lying, Unscrupulous Politician' (Sen. Perdue recently defended POTUS for not having made the "shi*hole" comment he was accused of making)
Unhinged Cory Booker Uses Misleading Terror Data to Attack Trump, Rips in Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
DHS Secretary Under Oath: Trump Didn’t Say ‘Sh—hole’
If Hillary Was President, Would She Allow the USA to Freeze During the Arctic Blast to Save the Planet?
Unnamed Semi Driver Crashes Into Minnesota Christian School, Didn't Brake or Try to Steer Away from School
Update: 4 Injured…
Valet Receipt Indicates Marilou Danley Was at Mandalay Bay on Day of Las Vegas Shooting
"New California" Conservative Movement Declares Independence As First Step Towards 51
st State
Study: 90% of Networks’ Coverage of Pres. Trump Negative
Fisherman Sues After Boat Crash in Oregon
San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals
Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver — Before Deadly Crash!
Conservative Blacklist Grows: Comic Convention Bans Kevin Sorbo
Conservatives Demand Twitter Answers After Project Veritas Videos Point to Political Bias
Bill Clinton’s ‘Scandalous’ Past Revisited By Fox as Part of New Historic Series
JAN 16
4 South Carolina Cops Shot While Responding to Domestic Call; Suspect in Custody
Parents Arrested After 13 Siblings Found Chained and Starving in California Home – Bail Set at $9 Million
If It Weren’t for The Constitution, America Would Be a ‘Sh-thole’ Country, Too
Historian Slams Jeff Flake on His Trump-Stalin Comparison: If Anybody Thinks Trump Controls the Media, They’re Crazy
Watch A Sitting Congresswoman Shred the MSM Narrative in Under a Minute
Ex-CIA Officer: Deep State Is ‘TERRIFIED’ of Trump and ‘Want Him TAKEN OUT’
What Was Destroyed in Clinton House-Fire? – video
All Roads Lead to Obama & Clinton - IG & Congressional Committee Expose Criminal Actions – video
FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved
Battle to Shut Down Obama's Presidential Center After 'Library' Morphs into 20-Acre Private "Center" on National Historic Park
Gender Studies Coordinator Denounces the ‘Logic of Meritocracy’ as Fundamentally ‘Racist’
Emma Watson Writes Open Letter Apologizing for Her 'White Privilege' – HOLLY NOTE: Consider the source, a Socialist French fry.
Gutfeld on Hawaii's Grave Mistake and Other Topics – video
Only 1-In-3 Americans Think Michael Wolff's Book Is Credible
'NOprah' Gear on the Horizon ... But Only If She Runs
JAN 15
Worker Who Caused Panic Over Hawaii's False Missile Alert 'feels Terrible,' Will Get Re-Trained
Feds Announce Indictment in Massive Bribery Scheme Connected to Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One Deal
Rand Paul: Trump Cares 'Very Deeply' About Haiti, Financed Medical Mission Trip
Dan Bongino on the Hawaii Nuke Alert, the Uranium One Deal and Immigration – video
Cotton Hits Durbin for Claims of Trump's 'S---Hole Countries' Comment
GOP Senator Perdue Comes to Trump's Defense After 'S---hole' Outcry, Questions Durbin's Credibility
Hillary Clinton Is the Last Person Who Should Be Talking About Trump's Remarks on Haiti
50-Yr-Old Haiti Official, Slated to Testify Against Clinton Foundation Corruption Next Week, Found DEAD in Miami With “Gunshot to the Head” – flashback
Bill Clinton Says Haiti Relief Funds Didn’t Pay for Chelsea’s Wedding… Then Wikileaks Drops This Bomb
Related: Chelsea Clinton Buys New $10.5 Million Apartment Across the Street From Her Husband's $4 Million 'Starter Pad' Bought Just Before They Married
BBC: US Election 2016: What Really Happened with the Clintons in Haiti?
Related: Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton's Office Over 'Billions Stolen' by Clinton Foundation – video
Related: Haiti Earthquake Contracts Ran Through the Clinton Foundation – video
Trump and His Sh*thole Remark: The Story Nobody Is Talking About
Democrats SO UPSET with Trump’s Sh*thole Remarks that they Beam “Sh*thole” on Trump Hotel
Rand Paul: Calling Trump 'Racist' Hurts Immigration Negotiations
DOJ Turns Over 1.2 Million Documents Related to 2016 Election to House Intel Committee
Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia 
John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier
How Many of Twitter’s 1,110 Foreign Visa Holders Are Actively Working to Shut Down Conservative Speech in America?
Ben Carson: Martin Luther King’s Message Is ‘Urgently Needed to Heal the Divisions’ Now
JAN 12
SHOCK: Former Obama Official Hints Admin Warned Terrorist That Israel Was Going to Assassinate Him
Congress Monitoring Trump Admin Investigation into Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Investigation
Fusion GPS Co-Founder Is Doubling Down on ‘Dodgy’ Anti-Trump Dossier
Women's March Urged to Drop Pink Pussy Hats Over 'Transphobia,' 'Exclusionary Color'
Jay Leno: Late-Night Has Become a 'Depressing' Anti-Trump Bashfest
Accuser: I Never Would Have Trusted Weinstein Without Oprah
Killing Trump Is Deep State's 'Plan C,' Warns Adviser Roger Stone
NO to the Dawn of American Socialism
House Extends Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Safeguards
What is Section 702 of FISA, Anyway?
Teacher Told Black Student He'd Be 'Lynched By Angry Mob,' Parent Says
Leftists Scream Racial Profiling After Police Shoot Black Teen. Then The Video Comes Out.
JAN 11
Shock Memo: Democrats Admit That They Need Illegal Immigrants to Win Elections, Plan to Use Foreigners to Influence American Election Outcomes
The Hillary Scandal Everyone's Ignoring – FEC Probing Alleged $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme
7 Revelations From Fusion GPS Founder's Senate Testimony
Feinstein Blames ‘Bad Cold’ Slowing Her ‘Mental Facilities’ for Sloppy Fusion GPS Transcript Release
Pop Star Seal Calls Out Oprah Winfrey for Hypocrisy Days After Widely Praised Golden Globes Speech
Foreign Leaders Showered Obama With Gifts in His Final Years Worth More Than $1.5 Million
Rancher Cliven Bundy Renews Range Fight, Pledging to 'Do Whatever It Takes'
Female Democrats Will Wear Black to Trump's First State of the Union
University Sued for Limiting Free Speech to Lunchtime
UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers to “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions
Pence on North Korea Strategy, Trump's Jerusalem Decision – video
What Is America's Mission Now?
Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin. Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah
Court Order Confirms DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal Will Proceed
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Admits Affair But Denies Related Blackmail Allegations
Woman Returns ‘Dead’ Christmas Tree to Costco for a Refund, in January
Super Bowl Exec Producer: If Players Kneel During National Anthem, “They’ll Be Shown Live” – HOLLY NOTE: While many Americans may sympathize with their message, players have missed the mark thinking people are still listening. Their message is stale and people just want to watch The Game minus political messages. Viewers are switching off the NFL in droves. Sports was literally the last forum where people could escape dramas, and now that arena is polluted. If they want to make a difference, they could donate some of their multi-million dollar salaries to lifting up black people. Volunteer as a "stand-in" dad since 70% of black households have absentee fathers, married or not. They could create community centers that teach educational skills, sports activities, tutor kids for SATs, offer counseling and classes on how to live productive lives away from drugs and gangs. Instead of continuing to kneel and do nothing productive, stand for something positive, do something that actually nets results. Kneeling has become a pile-on activity that costs players no time, no salary, no thinking, no skin in the game. The only thing they're doing is turning off viewers and team owners are too cowardly to take action. While Stan and I are both Broncos and Cowboys fans, we quickly tired of the nonsense and watched exactly 0 NFL games since Kaepernick began his trick pony show. They've had their day, had their say, but people are over it.
JAN 10
Author Michael Wolff NOW SAYS He Didn’t Interview ANY TRUMP CABINET MEMBERS for Trump-Bashing Book – video
Unstable Yale Psychiatrist Who Labeled Trump Unstable Recants Armchair Diagnosis
The Madness of the Anti-Trump Shrinks
Identity of CIA Official Found on Anthony Weiner's Laptop by FBI
What Trump Will Tell Davos
Feinstein Unilaterally Posts Full Testimony of Fusion GPS Founder, Grassley Furious
'Somebody Has Already Been Killed' Over the Dossier, Fusion GPS Lawyer Claimed
Trump Backs Off Plan to Allow Drilling Off Florida Coast
Bannon Betrayal Latest Deep State Attack on Trump and MAGA
Steve Bannon Lit Himself On Fire — and Trump Extinguished Him
Bannon to Leave Helm of Breitbart News
Congress at War Over New U.S. Nuclear Missile System to Combat Russian Threat
Democrats’ Desperate Ploy to Unseat President Trump Over “Mental Health” False Diagnosis Will Push America to Bloody Civil War
The REAL Truth: Oprah Is NOT a 'Unifier,' She's a Divider
Trump’s EPA Is On Course to Retire Half Its Staff
Pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Run for Arizona Senate Seat
NYPD Reshuffling Top Cops In Major Shake-Up
FBI: Indicted Maryland Senator Confessed to Taking Cash Payments & Vegas Trips
Clinton Foundation Donors Could Have Money Clawed Back By Government: Judge Napolitano
Epic Greed, Power, and Pride: Where’s the Bottom? With Bill and Hillary, There’s No Telling – flashback
The Problem with Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.
Our Journey into "The Storm": An Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi – video HOLLY NOTE: The 'meat' doesn't come in till 12:50 min. in. The beginning time documents that Q Anon's account had been hacked. If you can take that as a given, skip this part. It's rather dull. – video
Related: Australian Taxpayers Gave the Clinton Foundation $100 Million
Confirmation: Why Have We (Australia) Donated to Clinton's Foundation?
Additional Confirmation: Australian Taxpayers' $75M to Clinton Foundation
Related: Norway Gave the Clinton Foundation $90 Million
Conservative Group Claims Hillary Clinton's Foundation Took Millions – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind these 'paltry millions' listed from foreign countries are the amounts on the Clinton Foundation's site. However, the donor countries themselves, who are squarely in bed with progressives, list their donations as much higher. Example: the CF shows Australia's donation as $5 to $10 million, but Australia lists their contributions as $100 million. Also, the 19 donor countries listed are only those that gave more than $25 million. The CF doesn't spell out specifics how much more than $25M, but newspapers have ferreted out the info.
Related: Clinton Foundation Received Up to $81 Million from Clients of Controversial HSBC Bank
Related: After Mining Deal, Financier Frank Giustra Donated Over $130 Million to the Clinton Foundation
Related: Scottish Philanthropist, Sir Tom Hunter, Gives Clinton Foundation Between $110 and $125 Million
Related: Ukrainian Magnate, Victor Pinchuk, Who Donated $29 Million to Clinton Foundation, Demanded Meeting with Bill Clinton to Discuss Maidan Failure
Related: Canada's Trudeau Gave at Least $20 Million to the Clintons
Related: As of 2012, More than 146,000 Individuals, Organizations and Governments Contributed to the William J. Clinton Foundation
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department – flashback
Sex Criminals Revealed on a Large Scale
Anatomy of a Child Trafficking Network
Obamas Criticized for Lavish Library Plans, Including 'Test Kitchen' – HOLLY NOTE: Most ornate, complex Presidential 'library' Americans have ever seen.
Related: …To Include: Museum, Exhibition Space, Education and Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Restaurant, Public Garden, PLUS Basketball Court, Sledding hills, Children’s Play Areas, Walking and Bike Path, and Oh Yes, a Library
Related: …To Cost $1.5 Billion
Related: Obama's Parking Lot Alone to Take 5 Acres of Parkland in Addition to 20 Acres for His 'Library'
F-word Rows and Bitter Disputes over Russia, Iran and Syria: New Documentary to Lay Bare the Truth about the Obama White House's Last Days
Oprah Gives Much-Ballyhooed Speech on #MeToo. Here Are 4 Problems With It.
ROASTED: James Woods Slams Oprah Winfrey Using These 3 Pictures
#OprahKnew Trending on Twitter
Inconvenient Truth: How are We Supposed to Take Woke Hollywood Seriously When They Still Support a Convicted Child Rapist?
White House Spokesman on 'Fire and Fury': 'This Book Is Just Tabloid Trash'
Wolff Insists ‘I Came into This with No Agenda,’ ‘Literally with No Political Agenda’
Bannon Group Shopped Anti-Trump Document in 2015
Federal Judge Dismisses Bundy Ranch Standoff Case, Bars Retrial, Cites Federal Prosecutors' Conduct as "Outrageous" and "Violated Due Process Rights"
America’s Forgotten Towns: Can They Be Saved or Should People Just Leave?
Tom Steyer Not Running in 2018, Will Funnel $30M into Races to Boost Democrats
Paybacks for Protests? NFL Protests Up for Possible Legislation
Talks Reportedly Are Underway About a Trump Interview in Robert Mueller's Russia Probe
Nolte: Schizophrenic Media Flails as Trump's Focus and Success Torpedo 'Crazy' Claims
Dan Bongino: The Network Is Closing in on the Clintons and They Are Really Worried Right Now – video of week
Judge Jeanine: Clinton Is About to Face a Real Investigation – video
Bannon Does 180 and Apologizes: "Donald Trump Jr. Is a Patriot and a Good Man"
Scientologist Elisabeth Moss Slammed for Golden Globes Speech
The Internet Is Ready for an Oprah and Tom Hanks White House In 2020
Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers
Law Enforcement Backs Sessions's Ending of Hands-Off Approach to Marijuana
Missouri Adopts Performance-Based Funding for Higher Education
Veteran Fights to Fly American Flag Outside His Own Home
Man Sentenced after Marrying Woman and Her Daughter
Mohammed’ Becomes 3rd Most Popular Name in This Minnesota Town
Justice Department (Finally) investigating Clinton Foundation over 'Pay to Play' Allegations
DOJ Reportedly Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Investigation – video
Hillary Clinton Backer Paid $500G to Fund Women Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct
Liberal Leaders Now Running from anti-Trump Dossier in Russia Probe
Sessions Will End Obama-Era Policy That Allowed Legalized Marijuana to Prosper
DOJ: Rolling Back Obama-era Marijuana Rules a 'Return to the Rule of Law'
Newt Gingrich: There's No Coming Back for Steve Bannon
The Morphing of Communist Party, CNN, Dems
DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Slammed After Posing with ‘Antifa Handbook’
Related: The Radical Skeletons In Keith Ellison's Closet
The Democrats Have Become Socialists – flashback
Freedom Caucus Republicans Call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Resign Over FBI Leaks
JFK's Nephew Says Emanuel Has Plan to Force Blacks Out of Chicago
College Kid Say It’s Okay to Kill Little Kids Because They Can’t Communicate Like Adults
Trump Erupts on Bannon: He's 'Lost His Mind'
Don Jr. Relentless on Bannon: 'Backstabbing, Harassing, Leaking, Lying & Undermining'
How Breitbart Readers Are Reacting to Bannon Turning on Trump
Trump versus Bannon: Is Trump Right?
WAR! Meryl Streep Attacks Melania and Ivanka Trump -- She Isn't Ready for What's About to Happen
Paul Manafort Sues Mueller, Justice Department
The Media Is Upset About Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Wars. Why We Should Ignore Them.
Trump Ends Voter Fraud Commission
Uncovering Vote Fraud: Plan B Begins
Robber Tries to Shoot and Pray His Way Out of Store after Staff Locks Him In
African-Americans Blaming Whites for their Own Murder Rates
Trump's Jerusalem Card and the 'Obama-Hezbollah' Scandal
How Trump Really Beat the Media
Is Hell Frozen? House Democrat Has Praise for Trump
The US Doesn’t Have to Lose the Information War in Iran
Witness: Mueller Russian Probe Grand Jury Like Something Out of a ‘Black Lives Matter Rally’
Former CIA Director Panetta Throws Down Against Old Boss: Obama Should Have Helped Iran Protests in 2009
Trump Fights Fake News with 'Awards' for 'Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media' – Winner TBA Monday
House Expands Russia Probe to FBI, Justice Use of Unconfirmed Dossier to Snare Trump
Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords to Yahoo Account Hacked By Russian with Odd Clinton Connection
Trump Calls on ‘Deep State’ DOJ to Go After Comey, Clinton Aide Abedin
David Brock Exposed as a Key Money Source Behind Efforts During the 2016 Presidential Campaign to Entice Women to Accuse Donald Trump of Past Sexual Misconduct
Trump Really Is Draining The Swamp
Baltimore Breaks All-Time Homicide Record In 2017
California Ushers in 2018 with Ammunition Control
The Craziest Laws Taking Effect in 2018 – video
Dad Performs Epic Rendition of Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' with His Daughters – video humor