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Poll Shows Emerging Ideological Divide Over Childhood Vaccinations
Chernobyl STILL 4X Deadlier Than Hiroshima, the Radiation From It Continues to Affect Us 33 Years on and May Even Be Responsible For The Rise in Cancers and Auto-Immune Diseases
Iowan Taxpayers Must Fund Transgender Surgeries Through Medicaid, Rules Court
Amid Tears, Bowed Heads, Maryland House Of Delegates Approves Legalizing Medically Assisted Suicide
250 Scientists Sign Petition Warning Against Cancer From Wireless Tech Including The Trendy In-Ear Headphones
Finnish Government Collapses Due to Rising Cost of Universal Health Care
Drugs That Cost as Much as a house Coming to Treat Rare and Devastating Diseases. The US Is Scrambling to Figure Out How to Pay For Them.
Shocking New Evidence Reveals That Girl Scouts USA Is a Pro-Abortion Organization That Supports Many Late Term Abortion Groups
Same Leftists Who Say Vaccines Promote The “Greater Good” Now Insist That Abortion Is a “Moral Good” For Society
Girl Scouts Gives Highest Award To Girl Who Organized A Pro-Abortion Campaign
Meet the Super-Smeller Who Can Diagnose Parkinson's at a Sniff
Court Grants Unborn Baby Legal Rights!
Alabama Man Sues Abortion Clinic On Behalf Of Himself and Unborn ‘Baby Roe’ – First Time US Has Granted Legal Rights to Aborted Baby
London Patient Might Be Second To Be Cured of HIV
Genderless Babies Are the New Craze – ‘We Don’t Want Our Children Pigeon-Holed’
Second Skin: Israeli Medical Device Creates Temporary Nano-Layer To Treat Wounds
American Catastrophe: Drug, Alcohol, & Suicide Deaths Hit Record Levels
Why Do We Need Sleep? Israeli Scientists Solve the Mystery
Illinois Fast-Tracks Abortion Legislation So Extreme You Won’t Believe It
Hidden Horrors of Socialized Medicine: A Firsthand Account
Heartbroken Mom On Transgender Teen: “My Once-Beautiful Daughter Is Now Bearded, Homeless, And Sterilized.”
Dr. Ben Carson Speaks Of Fetal Pain, Describes Abortion As ‘Barbaric’ And ‘Murder’
How the Death Of His Daughter Led Dr. Levatino to Walk Away From Performing Abortions – video of day
Philippine Measles Epidemic Infects 14,938 And Kills 238, Officials Say
A New, More Powerful Strain Of Flu Has Just Hit Colorado and Expected to Last Through May
Ohio Hospital Refuses To Help Premature Twins Born Alive, Leaves Them To Die
Fentanyl Bust In New York Finds Enough Doses To Kill Nearly 2 Million People
Rise of Drug-Resistant Superbugs Rings Alarm Bells in Europe
New ‘Medicare-For-All’ Bill Would Largely Outlaw Private Insurance
FDA Issues Another Nationwide Recall For Blood Pressure Medication
Miners, Fearing Retaliation, May Skip Black Lung Screenings
‘Medicare-For-All’ Is No Longer Purely Theoretical. Democrats Are Coming To Terms With That
The Links Between 'Mad Cow' Disease And Alzheimer's Are Astounding And Suggest Alzheimer's Is a Contagious Disease: 'The Body Count Is Real, The Denial Is Disturbing'
Hawaii Tops U.S. in Wellbeing for Record 7
th Time
Democrats Block Bill to Ensure Medical Care For Abortion Survivors – HOLLY NOTE: 44 Democrats voted for murdering live-born babies. Among those who did are these 8 running for or considering running for president: Sens. Harris, Klobuchar, Booker, Brown, Gillibrand, Warren and Sanders. Fox and Friends news host, Ainsley Earhart, rightly pointed out this morning that Democrats are more concerned with the lives of illegal aliens than that of American babies. If this doesn't show their true colors, nothing does.
Abortion Survivor Reacts To Senate Failing To Pass Bill Protecting Babies Born Alive In Failed Abortions – video
Child Indoctrination: Gay & Trans Sex Education To Be Taught To Five Year Old Children in UK - Opting Out Is ILLEGAL
An Entire Class Of Agricultural Pesticides Found To Damage The Brains of Children… IQ Scores Falling Nationwide
The Lie Of ‘Toxic Masculinity’
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma
Chilling New Research Shows How Dire a Smallpox Bioterror Attack Could Actually Get
Governments Urged to Stockpile Antibiotics For a Future Flu Pandemic
National Day Mourning and Repentance Feb 23
Grand Canyon Tourists Exposed For Years To Radiation in Museum Building, Safety Manager Says
Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima – HOLLY NOTE: Several people sent this in to be linked. However, since the original article is 2 years old, we don't know if it's still current.
California Runner Slips On Ice, Falls 180 Feet To His Death From San Gabriel Mountains, Officials Say
Scientific Study Finds Statin Drugs to be 'Completely Worthless' – HOLLY NOTE: This is just an article. If you are currently on statins, do not stop taking them without your physician's direction.
Lesbians More Likely To Be Overweight As Experts Find Sexuality Is Linked to Health 
LGBT Sports Group Drops Martina Navratilova Over Objections to Transgender Athletes
Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Banning Abortion After Fetal Heartbeat Detected; Governor To Sign Into Law
First Born, Only Child, Middle Child? What Birth Order Reveals About You (And Why You Should Care)
17.8 Million Sick: Flu Engulfs U.S, But Experts See 'Low-Severity' Season
Focus on the Family to Put Live 4-D Ultrasounds on Times Square Jumbotron
Congo Adds Measles Outbreak to Ebola and Cholera Epidemics
The Deeper Reason For Drug Ads On Television
Push for Medicare Buy-In Picks Up With '50 And Over' Bill
Boycott These 60 Companies That Donate Money To Fund The Systematic Murder Of Unborn Human Babies
Elizabeth Warren Compares Abortion to “Getting Your Tonsils Out”
Sen. Ernst: We Must End the Killing of Late-Term Babies
Nearly 100 Children Dead as World's 2nd-Largest Ebola Outbreak Surpasses 800 Cases
Shots for Sex
Ancient Typhus Is Plaguing Modern Day Los Angeles – How Did We Get Here, What Should We Do?
Children as Young as 8 Are Being Targeted By Sexual Predators on Live Streaming Video App TikTok, Shocking Report Warns
Flu Picks Up in Activity From 2 Weeks Ago
CDC Estimates Flu Has Sickened About 7 Million in the US So Far
Expert: New York Abortion Law 'More Barbaric Than China'
AWFUL. Chief Justice John Roberts Joins Liberals in Supreme Court Abortion Ruling – HOLLY NOTE: This is the same judge in whose hands rested the passage of ObamaCare. The night before he was set to vote 'nay'. Overnight, his vote flipped and ObamaCare passed. A Liberal in RINO clothing?
New Mexico Passes Law to Execute Babies at Birth
Poll: Just 13% Want 'Medicare For All' If It Means End of Private Insurance
Blood Plasma Scandal Latest Stain on China's Medical Products Image
Trump Admin. Sues To Block Philadelphia From Building Injection Sites For Heroin Addicts
Typhus Epidemic Worsens in Los Angeles – HOLLY NOTE: Remember Typhoid Mary? Thought she was long dead along with this disease. Now it's raising its ugly deadly head again like TB. Take a look at San Francisco where Hep C is running rampant. People are homeless, defecating on streets and sidewalks in broad daylight, shooting up like they're re-enacting the OK Corral except with needles and heroin, spreading Hep C like lice. What is the common point of intersection? Illegal immigrants who haven't been vaccinated, poor hygiene and the homeless that don't give a poop unless it's theirs deposited on the streets of San Francisco.

Rev. Austin Miles penned an article the gist of which Stan and I'd privately discussed. California, if it wants to encourage and take in the world's illegal aliens, needs to be walled off from the rest of CONUS. Soon those illegals will tire of more illegals coming in, sickly and poor, and taking their illegal jobs and what bits they have and they'll, in turn, move into the rest of America – like they're already doing. You watch; we called it. California is more Mexico and Central America than America.

In 1996, Stan and were in a Los Angeles McD's and no one spoke English! Maybe they should do that CalExit thing and hook up with Mexico. Californians are either richer than Croesus or struggling. Oppressive regulations and high taxes have driven out most 'normal Americans' over the last 30 years. The last few stragglers like LA Marzulli were pushed out of Malibu with 2018's wildfires.

Funny thing is, soon ultra-Liberal Gov. Gavin Newsom will have run off all those high contributing taxpayers he hoped to suck completely dry. Then he'll have succeeded in turning over one of America's most beautiful states to the brain dead and dopers, the illegals and unmerited, the destitute and unmotivated, in short, America's drongos.
Charlie Daniels Flays 'Ungodly Service To Prince Of Darkness'
Fears ‘Deadliest Ever’ Ebola Will Infect MILLIONS as Disease Rapidly Spreads
Lone Dem Senator Blocks Bill Banning Infanticide For Babies Who Survive Abortions  
“Mystery Virus” Spreading Like Wildfire Across U.S. Population, Putting People in Bed for a MONTH… Is This a Depopulation Bioweapon Experiment
Cancer Industry Plotting to DESTROY the New Cancer Cure Developed By Israeli Scientists… the Attacks Have Already Begun
Cancer Growth Could Originate From a Single Cell – This Could Explain Why 95% Of Clinical Trials Fail
'Magic Mushrooms' May Soon Be Decriminalized in Parts of The US
'Rage Rooms' Hotter Than a Louisville Slugger
College Students Increasingly Taking Emotional Support Animals to Campus – HOLLY NOTE: Anyone who has read our site for even a few months knows we're all about the dog. Dogs rule, just ask them. (Cats too.) We wonder about students who rely on animals on campus because they're soooo stressed at school. During my years at university, there was no such amenity. We actually had to stand on our own 2 feet, deal with stress, plow through the endless study hours, originate research papers (not paste and plagiarize from the Internet) and of course, taxing exams. If these young adults can't muster through these circumstances, aren't universities and colleges enabling the snowflake generation? It's doubtful unless they work for a veterinarian or a kennel, that they can bring emotional support animals to work. Employers may actually expect them to be self-sustaining, functioning adults. Last point, when Stan and I look at our parents' lives, never mind our grandparents and further back, today we're in a kaleidoscope of victimology, blame and a give-me society. No fortitude, no gain.
SpeciaL Op Suicides Almost Tripled in 2018: Report
AP Explains: Why Congo’s Ebola Outbreak Still Going Strong
Acetaminophen Found to Be a Potent Liver Toxin… and it’s the No. 1 Ingredient in Tylenol
South Carolina Senate Approves Bill to Ban All Abortions, Declares Unborn Babies People Under Law
Disneyland Theme Park Plans Massive Gay ‘Magical Pride’ Event
San Francisco Mom Defends Outrageous Decision Letting Her 4-Year-Old Boy Become Transgender Girl
Virginia Governor Faces Backlash for Comments on 3rd-Trimester Abortion Bill, Women Giving Birth – video of day
Democrat Kamala Harris Backtracks on Cutting Private Health Insurance, Then Claims She Didn’t
Sean Hannity: Too Many Dems Support 'Infanticide' in Abortion Debate
Now Catholic Rhode Island Gov Vows to Sign Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
VA Dem Socialist Has a Bill to Abort Babies Even When a Mom Is In Labor
New York Is Latest State Pushing Abortion Laws Amid Fears Roe Vs. Wade Will Be Overturned
Democrats Codify Roe V. Wade Abortion Decision, Face Backlash
Blackout: Why Won't TV News Talk About NY’s New Abortion Law?
13 States that Have Ruled Unborn Babies Are Children
ABC, NBC Skip Harris's Call to Abolish Health Care Industry
California Wants to Teach Kindergartners There are 15 Genders
Kamala Harris Wants To Eliminate Private Health Insurance, Could End 150M Plans
Israeli Scientists Say They Think They Found a Cure For Cancer
Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of Health Insurance Headaches
Superbug From India Spread Far and Fast, Study Finds
‘1,000 Girls’ Subjected to African Practice of ‘Breast Ironing’ – Deforming The Breast With a Hot Rock – in the UK – HOLLY NOTE: Education is desperately needed here as their ignorance is horribly damaging females. For example, African men raped virgins, very young girls – even babies – to cure themselves of AIDS.
Cruise Ship Air Can Be as Polluted as That Of City Streets, Study
Flu Shuts Schools In Alabama, Kentucky, Other States: Report
Washington Declares Emergency For Measles Outbreak
One World Trade Center Lights Up In Pink To Celebrate the NY Law Which Will Allow Unborn Babies to Be Killed Up Until Birth
Vermont Looks To Make Abortion Up To Birth A Constitutional Right
Beardaments – Somehow We Missed This Trend
The Left's War against White Males
Are We Eating Our Children?
'Super Poo Donors' Wanted
Federal Court Allows Texas to Permanently Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
9 Ways To Experience The Magic Of Manuka Honey – HOLLY NOTE: One honey product Stan and I would not be without is medical-grade Medihoney. Its Antibacterial Wound Gel performs healing miracles as well as being effective against MRSA. If you choose to buy some other brand, make sure it contains Manuka honey from New Zealand. Look for "UMF" seal on the box, which indicates it contains enough Manuka to kill bacteria. We used to have to import ours from New Zealand, but you can buy it here or order Derma Sciences Medihoney from Amazon.
Man Injected Himself With Own Semen in Attempt to Relieve Back Pain, Case Report Says
Aussie Hospital To Treat Dying Patients With ‘Magic Mushrooms’ In Bid To Tackle Anxiety
Vaccine Dangers In Question: The U.S. FDA Approves Vaxelis, a New ‘6-In-1 Combo Shot’ For Infants To Young Children
March for Life poll: 41% of Millennials Want Roe Reversed, 70% Back Limits
Report: Americans Are Now More Likely to Die of an Opioid Overdose Than on the Road
New York Gov Cuomo Demands Bill Allowing Abortions Up to Birth, Or He Won’t Sign State Budget
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Trashes Pro-Life People: You’re “Not in Line With Society”
Poll Shows Americans' Views of Healthcare System Depend on Whether Their Party Is In Power
“Mystery vIrus” Spreading Like Wildfire Across U.S. Population, Putting People in Bed for a MONTH… Is This A Depopulation Bioweapon Experiment?
World’s 2nd-Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Reaches 600 Confirmed Cases
SODOM AND GEMORRAH: Shock and Outrage as 10 Year-Old Drag Star Is Pictured With a Naked Adult Drag Queen – HOLLY NOTE: Besides a tickling urge to hurl, the first thought is why are his parents allowing this? In reality, with the blurred out section, you see less of the naked queen compared to men at the beach, but it's the shocking pornography in conjunction with a child that is so jarring. Where are the police? Is this OK, Canada?
CDC: Superbug Involved in Tijuana Bariatric Surgery Infections Showed Concerning Mutation
'Mass Fentanyl Overdose' in Home Leaves 1 Dead, 12 Hospitalized: Police – HOLLY NOTE: Last week when we posted the shocking amount of illicit drugs brought across our southern border in just 8 months Jan-Aug 2018, your eyes probably glazed over. This doesn't count the literal tons of dope brought in during all the preceding years and the months after. If you missed it:
47,945 pounds - Cocaine
4,813 pounds - Heroin
283,084 pounds - Marijuana
67,292 pounds - Meth
1,357 pounds - Fentanyl (thru July 31)

Think about this:
2 milligrams of Fentanyl = 600,000,000 lethal adult doses. The amount of Fentanyl brought into the U.S. in the first 7 months of last year was enough to kill every man, woman and child TWICE over. Keep in mind it takes considerably less than 2 mg to kill a baby.

This is what a lethal dose of Fentanyl looks like compared to a penny. If nothing else, the amount of deadly drugs flooding America through our southern border, constitutes a national emergency.
Fukushima Update 2018 (It's All Dead!) – video
Isn't 5 Cents Per Day Worth It To Reduce Opioid Deaths?
Congresswoman Introduces New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Liberals' Plans Extend Health Care To Illegals, Placing Them on Par With U.S. Citizens – HOLLY NOTE: This proves inhaling kryptonite makes you goofy, but you're no Superman, de Blasio. What other explanation is there except that he and Ca. Gov. Newsom are leading NWO order initiates or else their American hearts have been poisoned by Socialism.
Planned Parenthood President Acknowledges The Truth: Abortion Is Indeed Their Core Mission
Hillary Clinton Joins Andrew Cuomo in Push for Extreme Late-Term Abortion Bill in New York – HOLLY NOTE: Positively inhumane, not just for the obvious reason, but recent studies show "unborn babies can feel pain by 20 weeks or earlier."
Hemp Goes Mainstream
Has Ebola Spread to Europe? Patient in Sweden Is Feared to Have Been Struck Down With The Killer Virus After Vomiting Blood Following a Trip to Africa
How to Make Your Own Penicillin… Just in Case
24 States Now Beset With High Numbers Of Flu
Canada Having 'Substantial' Flu Season to Date, Off to Sooner Start
'Moderate' Levels in the UK…
Does the Flu Virus REALLY Cause the Flu? – video of week
Planned Parenthood Sues To Allow Non-Doctors To Commit Abortions
Monkeys With Herpes Disease Deadly to Humans Mating in Florida
Website Selling Genital Prosthetics For ‘Transgender’ Children
Democrats Appeal Ruling Declaring ObamaCare Unconstitutional
Meth, Cocaine Overdoses Rise as Mexican Cartels Sidestep Anti-Opioid Crackdown
House Democrats Weigh Risks of Medicare for All Push in 2019
Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 – With 42 Million People Killed
New Medical Treatment Imbues Older Adults With “Teen Blood” Harvested From Youth… Vampirism About to Become Mainstream “Medicine”