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Updated November 5, 2001


In the land of plenty it's easy to be too dependent on our grocery stores. Ever notice prior to a storm or holiday how stores' supplies rapidly dwindle? We think of stocking up right before a big snowstorm or hurricane, but lose sight of this need when it's warm and sunny.

Natural disasters, layoffs, illness preventing employment and terrorists don't tell time or consult us for convenience. Should disaster strike with roads impassable, how would delivery trucks bring that fresh produce, milk and meat? How soon would grocery stores be picked clean of canned goods and bottled water? How long would their meats and refrigerated items last with no electricity? No longer than ours.

The average American home keeps less than one week of food on hand and generally NO water. The average grocery store has only 72 hours of product before it must restock. Most federal, state and local governments, as well as many emergency prep sites like the Red Cross, suggest that 72 hours of extra food and water is adequate. We don't think so. While there is no reason to go overboard, if people only have a 72 hour supply, and ditto for the stores, what will you do on Day 4 while the grocery restocks? What if you have company when a disaster hits? What about neighbors that haven't prepared? Could you let them go hungry? Have you remembered your pets? They need food and water too.

If your budget can withstand a little stretching, food storage planning would be a good idea.

A reliable place to start is The Food Storage Planner, a program developed by the folks at Revelar Software. A trial version can be downloaded from: for IBMs.

  • Calculates exactly what you need for your family's food storage-fully customizable too.
  • Extensive Supermarket food list of over 350 items. Add to or delete from this list.
  • Calculate any item based upon gender and age of those in your family.
  • Calculate items for specific individual needs, such as diapers or allergies.
  • Summary, Shopping List, Pantry, and Rotation reports.
  • Export your list to a tab-delimited text file which can be opened by a spreadsheet, etc.
  • New user guide written in .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher required.
  • Hundreds of Food Storage Recipes and Emergency Preparation HTML pages.

This program will also generate reports for you, including:

  • Pantry List. This report tracks your inventory of what you have and how much is left to buy.
  • Rotation. Enter purchases as you go along and this report tracks expiration dates to keep your storage rotated and fresh.
  • Shopping List. Shows you what you need to buy, you just tell the report how much you have to spend.
  • Summary. Everything in the Supermarket and Pantry. Cost of this program: $39.95+ S&H
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