Nuclear Reactor Site Maps
Updated April 23, 2005
If there were ever a clearly inadvisable place to live, it would be near a nuclear plant parked over an earthquake zone and downwind of prevailing winds from that area! The following two locator maps are from different sources and show virtually the same areas occupied by nuclear plants. The maps are generally the same except Map B shows 6 now retired facilities. There are currently 104 licensed, operating nuclear power plants in the United States (69 Pressurized Water Reactors [PWRs] and 35 [Boiling Water Reactors] BWRs), which generate about 20% of our nation's electrical use. Map B also includes general and known earthquake zones.

Map A is from the NRC. Don't panic if it appears you are sitting on one. Check out the area in question yourself, but this will give you an idea, plotted along with the earthquake zones, where are the less clever places to live.

Nuclear Reactor List

Latest data as of April 2005

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