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1st Blood moon of the 2014-2015 Tetrad EQs 8 April to 15 April 2014 global EQs 8 April to 15 April 2014 USA
Last "tight" Blood Moon Tetrad starting 29 April 766 AD Angel of the Lord over Statue of Liberty Current Blood Moon Tetrad starting 14 April 2014 AD
USA ares of possible geological stress Drilling Fracking in USA USA Stable EQ Shield
About the Sun/Earth Connection New Madrid fault region Prophecy & the End of This Age
"Hollow" Planets, Stars, Galaxies Global Winds Live USA and Hopi Mesas: Sea Level Rises
Tower of Babel: Marduk Stele UFOs – THE GREAT DECEPTION
Get Ready... It's About to start... THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY "Indiana" Deyo and Dr. Jones