Expected Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity
for the Next 1-5 Days

Are YOU Prepared?

January 30, 2005
By Stan Deyo,

Major areas of interest: the biggest concern today is where the white arrow points which includes Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier as well as the region out to the coast. There is a small chance for quakes in the Arizona/New Mexico region and Guatemala/Mexico.

Nicobar and southern India continue to exhibit large pressures as does the antipodal Ecuadorian region.

I strongly advise watching the Pacific Northwest for increased seismic activity for the next five days.

Stan's analysis shows areas of possible earthquake or volcanic activity, or extreme storm conditions for the next 1 to 5 days. Pay particular attention to areas marked by white circles. The continuous yellow line denotes plate tectonic boundaries as well as the Ring of Fire.

Disclaimer: Some of the forecast stress areas can be in error about 30% of the time due to cloud cover interference and false signals from buoys.