Expected Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity for the Next 1 to 5 Days

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October 1, 2005
By Stan Deyo
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From Southern California up to Mendocino there are strong signs of earthquakes. The Mendocino signal may be at least a Richter 6.0. Westward from Mendocino out along the Medocino and Murray Fracture zones there are three separate seismic signals as well. Coupled with the reports of sulphurous smells all along the coast last week.... I have to suspect magma near the surface as well.

On the 2nd of August I issued my first "Red Alert" in the 10 years I have been forecasting earthquakes. I estimated an 8-week window for the event. Today we reached that 8-week window's end. As I stated 8 weeks ago, I had never seen such a huge and strong signal so I was not able to accurately determine how long it would take the seismic stress to either disappear or result in a large quake or quakes. I am concerned at what I see today.... exactly 8 weeks after I made the original alert. Folks in California had really better get their emergency supplies and routines organized.... I cannot stress this enough.... Dare To Prepare. You'll find loads of FREE information here:

A small seismic signal has appeared here.

Tuvalu Islands:
There is a HUGE seismic signal here today. It may be that a submarine volcano underneath these islands is under stress. Kathleen McInnes, a senior climate modeler at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization stated, "Tuvalu is a submerged volcano in the middle of the ocean with no shallow shelf." 

The original volcano subsided a long time ago and coral started building the rim upwards toward the ocean surface to form what is now called an atoll. The thermal signal today is significant.

Northwestern Queensland may have a small quake building as well.... However, as half of the signal is way under he land mass I cannot be certain.

New Zealand:
Between the North Island and Chatham island is a small seismic signal leading toward the White Island Volcano region. It appears minor at this time.

Mid Atlantic Ridge:
There is a weak signal along a minor fracture zone at about Latitude 37 degrees north. Another is north of this one at Latitude 50 degrees.

North West Africa:
The Canary islands are showing a strong seismic signal and this is not good. The Cumbre de Vieja Volcano and its poised landslide are the site of what could be a huge high-speed tsunami headed for the east coast of the USA.   

The Indian Ocean:
Although I have not circled this region, there is a strong, rapid, thermal anomaly just under India. It could be a seismic signal as well.

In Summary:
The seismic threats are numerous today and the west coast of the USA is the worst with Tuvalu following....

-Stan Deyo

Stan's analysis shows areas of possible earthquake or volcanic activity, or extreme storm conditions for the next 1 to 5 days. Pay particular attention to areas marked by white circles. The continuous yellow line denotes plate tectonic boundaries as well as the Ring of Fire. Go to the raw data map where it is easier to see the areas of concern. Go to Stan's earthquake map archives.

NEW FEATURE: The circles in varying shades of red are quake prediction zones Stan made from 1 to 4 days ago - with dark red being the oldest ones. White circles are Stan's prediction zones for today. Tomorrow these white circles will become light pink and will get darker as each day passes until they are removed.

DEYO NOTES: For earthquake maps, see the USGS "shake maps" (click anywhere on the global map for a closer view). For quakes USGS may not list, go to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center's map and scroll to the bottom of the page for a global view. You can compare these maps for the next 5 days to Stan's NCODA maps, to see the hits of his seismic target zones (white circles).

Earthquake lists can viewed at EMCS and at USGS.

Ecuador's Geophysics Institute at the National Polytechnic School, does not list quakes on a daily basis as does the USGS and other entities, but when there are significant events, they post them in PDFs.

Disclaimer: Some of the forecast stress areas can be in error up to 30% due to cloud cover variations and false signals from buoys.