Deyo House in southern Colorado, 2004 A.D.

Since 1654 A.D. the Deyo (D'Ioux) family has been here in America. We lost our castle and lands in the French province of Burgandy (originally 'Bourc') during the Huguenot persecutions there. Today, our former castle is a tourist attraction at the head of a valley some 60 miles long on the Swiss border to France. Our Family Crest hangs over an ancient fireplace there.

Our first family home here was built in 1676. Today it stands on the oldest street in America. It is maintained for the people in New Paltz, New York by the Huguenot Historical Society (Also see Huguenot Museum NY)

"Philip Deyo (1752-1831) was the youngest of five sons born to Abraham Deyo (1710-1777) and Elizabeth DuBois (1714-1792) who lived in the Deyo homestead on Huguenot Street. He was the grandson of Abraham Deyo (1676-1725) and a great-grandson of Pierre Deyo, one of the twelve New Paltz patentees.

Gertrude Lefever (1753-1829) was the daughter of Andries Lefever and Rachel DuBois of Kettleborough. LeFevre credited Josiah DuBois as recalling that “Philip Deyo knew enough to be President of the United States,” evidently to recognize his great intelligence. This opinion has been repeated as fact ever since. [History of New Paltz,New York and Its Old Families from 1678-1820]."

Solomon LeFevre (S.L.F.) Deyo was Chief Enginer of the construction of the New York Subway System.

Deyos fought and died in the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War and both World Wars.

A US Naval anti-submarine destroyer ship is named after our family and Vice Admiral Morton Deyo. It is the USS Deyo.... A particularly relavent photo was taken of the USS Deyo alongside the Statue of Liberty. Click here to see more on this Spruance Class Destroyer.

The USS Deyo (DD989) is a destroyer and by the traditional definition its main mission would be anti-submarine warfare. This mission is accomplished by the Deyo's two helicopters, sonar systems and torpedo capability. Warfighting ships have evolved into multi-mission capable platforms. The USS Deyo now has the ability to launch smart Tomahawk cruise missiles against land and sea targets, Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a variety of air defense systems to protect itself and other ships in an Aircraft Carrier Battle Group.

On November 6th, 2003, the USS Deyo (DD989) will be de-commissioned after serving America for a quarter of a century. It will mark the passing of an era for our family.

My Grandfather was a horseshoer in WWI and my Father was an Army/Air Force pilot and a base commander in the Middle East in WWII. One of my brothers was a naval electronics technician and another an Army Ranger. I served in the U.S. Air Force and was a cadet at the US Air Force Academy. One of my four sons is serving with the Royal Australian Army and another has finished his tour with the U.S. Army.

We are American Patriots - one and all in the House of Deyo.

Our family was invited aboard the USS Kitty Hawk when it docked in Australia a few years ago; and the crew gave us hats bearing the above insignia. Our prayers rise up for the Kitty Hawk and her crew as it serves and defends on our behalf. May God protect them. Amen.

-Stan and Holly Deyo