a bit about. . . Holly Deyo

Holly graduated from the University of Missouri in Kansas City with a BA in English and understudies in Sociology and Geology.

Though her first love was research and writing, this career was sidelined to run a family business for 14 years. Determined to put homemaking in the forefront like her mother, she "retired" and embarked upon preparedness research.

While "Downunder" in "OZ", two things snagged Holly: her husband, Stan Deyo, and "computer fever".

Website development and graphic design became part of her and Stan's business umbrella. During that time, she wrote an on-line subscription newsletter for four years, Building Community, covering disruptive geophysical events and how to prepare for them.

She is the author of three books: Dare To Prepare, Prudent Places USA and most recently, Garden Gold: Grow Maximum Veggies with Minimum Effort. She has finished a new book and will publish it in mid 2016.

Currently Holly is the webmaster for Steve Quayle's two sites and for her and Stan's two sites on Millennium-Ark as well as other commercial sites. She is also partner in their book, CD and DVD Publishing company: Deyo Enterprises LLC.

During her "spare" time she jokingly refers to as "the old days", Holly designed and built custom stained glass, enjoyed gourmet cooking, needle projects, boating and working out. When time permits, she likes to create beautiful art in Photoshop on her Macintosh.

She still makes time for Biblical studies, gardening and is a voracious reader and "news junkie".

Holly is at home in southern Colorado with Stan and their two comic canines, Jayzbo and Bella, - who are the two, new canines after Seismo and Taco passed away.

Holly's support team (click for larger images)
Jayzbo Baggins
Jayzbo and Bella