How to Use This Site

Jan. 18, 2011

To Our Site Readers,

Though Pres. Obama campaigned on "hope and change" most of us loathe change. It requires us to pack something else into our already busy lives. So some have asked why the change?

As a reminder, when you visit you are never burdened with annoying pop-ups or advertising. Stan and I chose not to accept sponsors, which has been our policy since the website's birth in 1995. As a result, we are free to post whatever we like and don't have to worry about stepping on toes or slanting news a certain way. That means we foot the bill in its entirety for the domain names, web maintenance and server costs, plus the news research and related work. MANY THANKS to those who send valuable news articles! I can't be everywhere and sometimes important items escape my attention.

Additionally, when I've not been able to update the site every single day, most people understand extenuating circumstances exist. Many dropped a note of concern, but a few delivered pointed messages of disappointment. Ouch! is an entirely FREE service. It costs you, the reader, nothing. News is researched and uploaded in addition to my full-time work, sometimes requiring 6 hours daily. Staff at Deyo Enterprises LLC is comprised of Stan, me and our two adorable canines, Seismo and Taco. So please understand if something else must take precedence. As a general rule, news is updated 6 days a week: M-F and Sunday.

Since the splash page is now history, the URL you should use and bookmark for access is

Most people, happy to say, are very pleased with the changes. A few aren't. Unfortunately, it's not possible to please all and meet everyone's different needs. <sigh...>

Over the next few weeks I may tweak things. Any obvious changes will be addressed on this page.

We hope with time you'll become accustomed to the new format. Give it some time, OK?

With thanks,
Stan and Holly