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Government Knows Disasters Are Coming – Are You Prepared?

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Government Knows Disasters Are Coming – Are You Prepared?

NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths and Super Earthquakes
Beginning 2015 Due to Extreme Cold 30 Yr Period

Holly Deyo
Jan 2

In between the hustle and joy throughout Christmas and New Year's, several stories snagged our attention. The first addresses something I've warned about for nearly two decades – that FEMA and government does NOT have our backs (read that, 'the general populace') when it comes to disasters.

Shockingly, after the Sandy Superstorm… No wait, back up.

After the Hurricane Katrina debacle when former Director Michael Brown's ineptitude and inaction blazed across television, worrying more about his clothes looking good on camera and his Arabian horses than nearly 2,000 people dying from its onslaught, you'd – have – thought, after that, FEMA would have gotten its act firmly packed together quick-smart. Try to garner some degree of respect and dignity. Try not to appear like a floundering, bloated albatross tied to our wallets. You'd have thought that 9 years later FEMA would have action plans formulated and implemented. Communication would be perfected. Schemes for shelters, food, medicines and water would be solid. You'd think they'd have all this and more completed. You'd be wrong.

A December exposé reveals huge inaction. FEMA is still no further along in what they are tasked to do: coordinate disaster response.

This means, friends, disaster preparation is still in the hands of we, the people.

Former FEMA Director, James Lee Witt stated on Oct. 14, 1997 that FEMA can't do it all. It's up to the people. They knew 17 years ago they were in over their heads. And they have done nothing to rectify it.

Since then, disasters have ramped both in number and magnitude. According to a recent AP article,

"Over the past five years, the newscasts have essentially doubled the amount of time spent on weather and natural disaster stories. The time has more than quadrupled since the early 1990s, said news consultant Andrew Tyndall, who monitors the content of the broadcasts."

"There were three times as many natural disasters between 2000 to 2009 compared to the amount between 1980 and 1989. A vast majority (80%) of this growth is due to climate-related events."

Image courtesy of EM-DAT International Disaster Database,
Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters, University of Louvain.

To find that FEMA has not improved their severely lacking capabilities after these two mammoth head-banging disasters, in a Nation that is a Super Power, is beyond disgraceful. It's life-threatening.

People were so disgusted after government's too-little-too-late response in Katrina, pins, bags, bumper stickers, signs, t-shirts, stuffed animals, even baby clothes sported the heartfelt assessment: FEMA Sucks.

Don't expect improvement soon. Specialists state it may take FEMA another decade to complete their plans providing they find the motivation to do so.

Two other articles, US Families Prepare For 'Modern Day Apocalypse' and Australian 'Preppers' Explain Why They're Convinced a Disaster Is Sure to Happen and Show How to be Prepared, go hand-in-hand with the above. People are increasingly sensing that something is up, something is baring down. People feel it. They know it in their gut. People are uneasy – and preparing. More folks are purchasing long-shelf life food or doing their own food preps, storing water and medications, generators, pet food, yes – guns and ammo and the full array of what sustains life should a longer-term disaster occur.

Never mind that the first article still tries to paint people who act personally responsible and want to survive disasters in relative normalcy as loonies, they can no longer say we are a fringe element. Too many people are preparing… for something.

They and we are taking action – something government can't say they are doing. Well, maybe they are – at least for themselves. Check the following:

Why Is the Fed Hiring an "Emergency Preparedness Specialist Familiar with DHS Directives"

A few weeks ago, we reported that for some still unexplained reason, the US Treasury is ordering "survival kits" to its employees overseeing the federal banking system. To wit:

The Department of Treasury is spending $200,000 on survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation. As FreeBeacon reports, survival kits will be delivered to every major bank in the United States and includes a solar blanket, food bar, water-purification tablets, and dust mask (among other things). The question, obviously, is just what do they know that the rest of us don't? MORE

NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths and Super Earthquakes
Beginning 2015 Due to Extreme Cold 30 Yr Period

Related: Earliest Winter in Decades Sweeps USA

Thursday, November 20, 2014 10:24
Before It's News, original material from

If you think the last few days of record setting snow and cold in parts of upstate New York is just a freak event, then you're not going to like what I am about to tell you. According to NASA Scientist/Climatologist John Casey that is just the beginning of what is to come during this next 30 yr cycle of extreme cold, which will be caused by an historic decline in the Sun's energy output that will impact the entire world.

If Casey is right, then not only will a mass number of the world's people die by freezing and starvation due to the extreme cold killing 50 percent of the world's food supply, but you can also expect super earthquakes, and more powerful volcanic eruptions across the globe.

Former NASA consultant, climatologist John L. Casey states 'a radical shift in global climate is underway, 30-year cold spell will strike Earth'.

With nasty cold fronts thrusting an icy and early winter across the continental U.S. - along with last winter described by USA Today as "one of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record" - climatologist John L. Casey thinks the weather pattern is here to stay for decades to come.

Photo: John L. Casey

In fact, Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out with the provocative book Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong. The earth, he says, is cooling, and cooling fast. 

And unless the scientific community and political leaders act soon, cold, dark days are ahead. Casey says the evidence is clear that the earth is rapidly growing colder because of diminished solar activity. He says trends indicate we could be headed for colder temperatures similar to those seen in the late 1700s and early 1800s when the sun went into a "solar minimum" - a phenomenon with significantly reduced solar activity, including solar flares and sunspots.

If he's right, that would be very bad news. Dark Winter posits that a 30-year period of cold has already begun. Frigid temperatures and the food shortages that inevitably result could lead to riots and chaos. 

Casey tells Newsmax, "All you have to do is trust natural cycles and follow the facts, and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the Sun controls the climate (HOLLY NOTE: This is something Stan has lectured on for two decades), and that a new cold era has begun." Casey is president of the Space and Science Research Corp., an Orlando, Fla., climate research firm. His new book debunks global warming orthodoxy. For more than a decade, he reports, the planet's oceans have been cooling. And since 2007, the atmospheric temperature has been cooling as well.

"The data is pretty solid," Casey says. "If you look at the 100-year global temperature chart, you look at the steep drop-off we've had since 2007. It's the steepest drop in global temperatures in the last hundred years."



An Australian with whom Stan has enjoyed prior correspondence over the years regarding Earth Changes sent him the following. As you will read, he interfaces regularly with the Obama Admin. Whether you are a proponent of global warming due to gaseous emissions or believe that our current Earth Changes are a product of natural Earth cycles, we still have to deal with the consequences. Read the following and be forewarned. Act preventively.

Should we see this come to pass, you'd be wise to prepare ahead of time. Now, not next month. It would be the ultimate gift – peace of mind.

We know this is holiday time, not when we're contemplating dreary news, which is likely why this material has been released at this precise moment. Just like Obama who usually releases bad or sour news or issues Executive Orders late Friday nights, during holidays or Congressional recess. They want you ignorant.

Please take advantage of our FREE preparedness information. It costs you nothing but your time and it may save your life – and that of your family.

Regarding the above article Stan's Aussie friend writes:

Dear Stan, 

The reason the White House sent me (an Australian) a warning on future extreme weather, is that three years ago, I sent my thesis Gaiaism... an environmentally based economy to Pres. Obama that included the research on a potential pole shift. Since then, I have been communicating with the White House on regular basis. Humanity is still producing one hundred million tons of CO2 daily which is destabilizing the fragile gaseous balance in the atmosphere, one of the reasons for the worldwide extremes in weather conditions. Checkout online, "NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths And Super Earthquakes Beginning 2015 Due To Extreme Cold for a 30 Year Period" by John Casey, Nov 20, 2014. The governments throughout the world would be aware of these predictions; checkout on YouTube, 'The final 500-day countdown warning was given on May, 2014, by the Foreign Minister of France accompanied by the Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kind regards,
John B


White House: Extreme Weather Warning, Nov 19, 2014.

To: johnXXXX
Subject: Make sure your community is ready for climate change
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 11:51:17 -0600

The White House

Make sure your community is ready for climate change. Climate change is happening now -- and we've got to be ready because we're going to see more extreme weather.

That's why we're taking action. Last Tuesday, the President made a historic announcement with China that sets new targets for carbon pollution reductions.

And on Monday, the Administration released the Climate Resilience Toolkit to help our communities respond to our changing climate.

Check out these easy-to-use tools, including interactive maps and visualizations, that will help prepare your community for the impacts of climate change. See how you can help your community or business get ready.


Oct 23, information on current solar activity updated Oct 25
Are We Ripe for the Killshot? Monster Sunspot Dominates the Sun's Face

Related: Weather Service Stops Receiving Satellite Data, Issues Notice About Forecast Quality

"Godzilla" Sunspot AR2192 Causes Internet & Power Outages Worldwide 10-22-2014

For Maj. Ed Dames fans, below is a partial transcription, just the meat of his latest interview, Oct. 21, 2014.

I am still undecided about the veracity and reliability of remote viewing. It's not something this author has tried or has had the time or inclination to attempt. Dames and other remote viewers report that while their information is often accurate (depending on whom you believe), their biggest stumbling block is pinpointing timeframes correctly. They can only 'date' viewed events as being before one thing and after another, but no specific dating like July 10, 2015 is possible.

Remote viewers state it is a disciplined skill requiring considerable practice and that it doesn't rely on psychic abilities. Dames himself says he is about as psychic as a rock. So occasionally when Maj. Dames is on Coast To Coast AM, it raises the question again, just how is this accomplished?

Let me take a left turn here…

Many Christians have posed the question, how can God logically know who will be in the Book of Life without our destinies being predetermined? Good question. Stan adheres to the thought that even God obeys the laws of physics. Besides love, God is order. For order to be maintained, God must obey the laws He Himself prescribed and set in motion.

When events in scripture seem logically impossible to our wee minds, it's simply because we don't know everything there is to know about these laws – and God's mind. For example, when we read about Moses parting the Red Sea so tens of thousands of Jews could walk through while the water was held aside, it sounds like magic. It doesn't realistically seem possible except as a power allowed Moses from God.

However, reading this account in Hebrew explains so much more rich detail by the very nature of this language than reading the Bible in English. By comparison, if the Old Testament in Hebrew were translated into English, it would take roughly 35 of the same-sized books to accommodate everything. So it's safe to say, a LOT is inadvertently left out of what we read in 'pale' English.

When reading this account in Hebrew, the Red Sea story is demystified and is in accordance with physics. Perfect harmony. It makes it no less miraculous, but underscores that more often science and the Bible are not at odds.

So how does God know what we are going to do before we do it and yet we still have free will? Let this author, at risk of sounding immodest, attempt to answer this by first posing a question.


How many times have you heard that time is not linear? If one event doesn't precede or follow another, then what? That is precisely how we earthlings know that Christmas follows Thanksgiving, July comes before September, 5 a.m. arrives before 9 p.m., and birth must come before death. Many people claim on Coast and on other programs that events actually occur simultaneously. This concept is apt to make one's eyes cross. It was very hard to wrap one's mind around non-linear time until Stan illustrated it like this:

Picture a massive circle and on this circle is a little dot. Lots and lots of dots. Countless dots. Each dot is an event or a person. One dot is the birth of Christ. Another dot is WWII. A third dot is the break-up of Pangea. Another dot is the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. More dots fill the circle representing every person ever born and every event that's transpired. Now picture God standing over this circle. He can see every person and every event at once. He need only cast His mighty eye to any location on the circle and see exactly what's happening down to the smallest quark – and smaller.

In this manner, He has a bird's eye, er uh, God's eye view of all.

So maybe this is similar, though on a human level, as to what remote viewers do. This is not in any way to infer that man has God's power, but perhaps this is an acceptable explanation. The big difference is that God can change events. Man can not except through prayer though even that is still by God's choice.


One last thing… When Stan and I were first invited to meet with the Hopi in 1996, they shared about a time coming when the Sun would get so hot, unbearably hot, they would live for a time underground in their kivas. These dwellings have already been prepared with adequate food and water and if anyone is skilled at the art of survival, it is our Native brothers and sisters. Though they were shunted off by government onto the worst dirt possible, they adapted.

They shared other things too, about a coming civil war and chaos. Keep these things in mind when reading Dames' interview. There is an eerie echo here…

A blistering, terrible Sun is also prophesied as one of the worst judgments in Revelation 16:8-9: Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory.

WARNING: Before reading the following transcript, know that Dames' message is very disturbing and possibly very close.

Oct 21
Obama's Latest Outrage – Amnesty Coming

If there were ever any doubt Obama is attempting to take over this Country by any means possible, kill that thought like Raid on a roach.

Two weeks ago, the GSA (Government Services Administration) posted a notice on their Federal Business Opportunities website that should alarm every American.

This is the same government site that requested bids in Jan. 2011 for 140,000,000 MREs, blankets and body bags, and billions of rounds of ammo last year. Currently the FBO wants a company that can print up to 34,000,000 permanent residency and work permit cards. This company should be able to crank out at least 4 million cards per year for 5 years, including possibly 9 MILLION in the beginning. This is what their draft shows the next generation PRC and EAD images to look like:


The Obama and Bush administrations both touted that there were 'only' 11 million illegals within U.S. borders. This is their guesstimate since 2005 based on numbers from Pew Hispanic Research. What, in a decade no one else stampeded across our nether regions? Doubtful.

In Jim Gilchrist and Dr. Jerome Corsi's 2006 book, Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders, they put the count of illegals in the U.S. closer to 30,000,000. This number certainly ties more closely to the number of cards the Feds want to print. Any extra cards may be for the millions who stream across our border, unhampered and uninvited once Obama invokes the next amnesty.

Many people feel this will come on the heels of midterm elections when it's safe for Progressives to rise up loudly for amnesty. “Clearly the federal government does not want to close our nation's open borders, so why should we believe that it is being honest in estimating the number of illegal immigrants already in the country? Telling the truth would make it too difficult to get political support for another amnesty program.” MORE

Oct 16
Everything Is Much Worse Than You Think

ISIS / Muslin Extremists / Beheadings / Terrorists / Open Borders
Open Borders / Disease / Ebola / TB / Enterovirus D68 ("Honduran flu")
Disease / Economic Overwhelm / Bank Failures / Panic / Chaos / Civil Unrest / Martial Law

See a common thread? The biggest threats on our immediate horizon overlap and domino. Never have we faced with such monumental challenges.

When Reuters released the story concerning big bank collapse 'war games' Friday (and right before a holiday), creepy-crawly hairs roamed my neck. If such an event transpires, people will be poised at the edge of 10-story windowsills again a la 1929.

Instead, ebola took center stage over ISIS, probably because this deadly threat has pierced our nonexistent borders and landed in our healthy Country. Initially, Obama must have rubbed his hands in glee. It took the world's eyes off his do-nothing policies regarding savage Muslim extremists chopping and lopping heads. As someone else duly noted, all Muslims aren't terrorists, but all terrorists have been Muslim. That is exceedingly uncomfortable for our Grief-in-Chief to acknowledge. Since he finds it difficult to call a terrorist what he or she truly is, ebola must have been seen as a welcome, if short-lived, diversion. That is, until on this issue too, Obama became quite flaccid.

In his limp-leader style doing his best to circumvent work and intel briefings, another mess landed in his lap – possible megabank collapses. This scenario has never before slid off the lips of the Big Boys – not in the take-it-seriously mode because they had bank bailouts. Yes, a small bank here or there went out of business, but others were shored up with countless billions in bailouts. Several rounds of them. How close this event must be for them to consider it, let alone practice how to deal huge financial institution failures!

Obama must be quivering in his golf shoes. Any of the aforementioned 'tribulations' requires him to don big boy knickers.

Since 18 to 20 world governments are looking at big bank failures as a possibility, then it is a matter of time before it becomes reality. There's little they've practiced for that hasn't come to pass and a LOT they've ignored that slammed us in the backside.

While bank bail-outs are out, bank bail-ins are on the table. Think it can't happen? The precedence set in Cypress last year was no fluke. Cypriot banks seized up to 40% of customer deposits.1 Their toes tested the water for the rest of the world. Banks closed for 2 weeks to prevent customers from "draining their accounts as politicians scrambled to come up with a plan to raise enough funds for Cyprus to qualify for 10 billion euros ($12.9 billion) in bailout loans for its stricken banking sector".2

People stood in line 6 HOURS to find they could only withdraw €300 or $383 per person per day. No checks could be cashed and if leaving the country, they could only take a paltry €1,000 or roughly $1,250. That wouldn't buy much of a trip.


If this article doesn't shatter rosy glasses, nothing will.

U.S., British Regulators Test Readiness for Big Bank Failure
Fed, Treasury Officials Meet With British Counterparts to Rehearse Hypothetical Cross-Border Bank Collapse

Oct. 10, 2014
By Paul Hannon and Victoria McGrane
Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—They say practice makes perfect, so top U.S. regulators and their British counterparts will conduct “war games” Monday to rehearse how they would handle the failure of a huge financial firm with operations in both countries.

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and other U.S. regulatory chiefs will join forces with Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and British regulators in Arlington, Va., for the sessions focused on a major, hypothetical cross-border bank failure.

The exercise—the first of its kind—is intended to test the new strategy developed by international regulators in the past six years aimed at handling the collapse of megabanks without the taxpayer bailouts and market tumult that characterized the 2008 crisis.

Making the plan work, and convincing the world it can work, is part of the regulators’ drive to end the problem of “too big to fail” institutions—those whose collapse would o so much damage to the wider economy that policy makers would be forced to use taxpayer funds to keep them in business.

“We want to make sure we are able to handle an institution that previously would have been too big to fail,” Mr. Osborne told reporters Friday, during meetings here of the International Monetary Fund. “We are confident in this framework, but we are testing it.”

Monday marks the first time that various principals, or officials who would make the big calls in a real-life crisis, will meet in person for such an exercise, though they have spoken about it on the phone before and staff members have been working together, according to officials.

International coordination is vital for such a plan to work, since the biggest banks have tentacles far beyond their home countries. U.S. banks are heavily exposed to the U.K., and vice versa. More than 80% of the international assets and derivatives of top U.S. banks are based in the U.K, for instance, according to the FDIC.

The chief executives of 18 large U.S., European and Japanese banks are set to agree in principle at the Fed on Saturday to wait up to 48 hours before seeking to terminate derivatives contracts and collect associated payments from a troubled financial institution, said people familiar with the meeting.3


We've had so many, many warnings to get ready in all arenas – physically, spiritually, mentally. Numerous, major natural disasters remind us Earth is a fragile piece of real estate; economic dips and slips send tremors throughout global markets (at one point yesterday, the Dow plunged more than 460 points – a true Pepto-Bismol day); new or formerly 'dead to America' diseases are coming ashore; food is poisoned by GMOs, pesticides, aspartame, etc; and government stripped a record $3 TRILLION from our wallets in taxes this year. The list of dramas and traumas is longer than Walmart lines stampeding for the latest Christmas toy. Government tries to dictate our lives, invades every aspect of privacy, strips away our dignity and rips away Constitutional rights. They strive to replace decency with the unthinkable.

When a Texas city – God-fearing TEXAS – issues "subpoenas demanding pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor"4 – you know the world is upside down. Ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court. This is insanity.

Had the bilious conditions we are now forced to swallow been instituted overnight instead of incrementally, its authors would have been met with a lead-lined 'howdy'. Martial law and FEMA camps would surely characterize America.

Regardless of political persuasion, people are getting it. Even the 'sleepy Sadies' are waking to the rude screech of an imploding world. Nearly everyone sees that the America we knew just a decade ago has vanished. Believers know we are at the brink of Tribulation, maybe 2 toes in. Non-believers see the globe is a mess and are waiting for the hammer to slam.

A new poll released Oct. 15, finds 58% of voters feel things in the world are “going to hell in a handbasket.” That includes nearly half of Democrats (48%) and majorities of independents (61%) and Republicans (71%).5

That is extraordinarily ugly for Obama — and Americans! We're the ones who have to live with his 'fundamental transformation of America' for another two years. Heaven only knows what shape this Country will be in by then… MORE

Oct 15
ALERT: Major Cybersecurity Threat Is Lurking on a Half-Billion U.S. Smartphones – Is Yours Infected?

Gary Miliefsky - CEO of SnoopWall and founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - joined Bret Baier for an exclusive interview on The Daily Bret to discuss an alarming privacy breach posed by smartphone flashlight apps.

Miliefsky, who has advised two White House administrations on cybersecurity, said that this problem is bigger than Ebola because 500 million people are infected and they don't know it.

Miliefsky explained that the top 10 flashlight apps currently available at the Google Play store are all malware.

"They're malicious, they're spying, they're snooping and they're stealing," he said, adding that that stolen information has primarily flowed into three countries: China, India and Russia.

Miliefsky added that the stolen data is used mainly for criminal purposes, but if one of those states wants information on Americans, they now have easier access.

He said that he had his team at SnoopWall start looking into the flashlight apps when he noticed that his personal smartphone was opening up his GPS and contacts without his knowledge.

"This is brand-new information. Top 10 flashlight apps - half a billion downloads - all acting in a very malicious way."

As for what to do if you have one of these apps installed on your phone, Miliefsky recommended deleting the app and taking the phone to where you purchased it for a factory reset.

Summary: We tested and installed the Top 10 Android Flashlight Apps on various smartphones and tablets. Windows and Apple iOS flashlights behave in a similar fashion, however, more restricted in their spying capabilities due to the hardened OS features of Windows 8.1RT and Apple iOS 7 & 8.

All of the applications above appear to obtain access and information way beyond the needs of a Flashlight. Some appear specifically designed to collect and expose your personal information to cybercriminals or other nation states. In addition, you are at significant risk if you are doing Mobile Banking on the same device as one of these free Flashlight Apps.

Our strong recommendation is to uninstall your flashlight app immediately.

Watch the interview with Bret Baier


Download Report


Oct 6
Gardens Save Your Health – Oh, and Then There's Ebola


What THE HECK? We weren't ever supposed to see this stuff here. CDC promised… Just like too many other government promises spoken and broken. Lies, damned lies.

In earlier articles this year I addressed about the benefits of having a garden from it being a wall against GMO foods and poor nutrition, to fattening your wallet, to protecting against what the astute know is coming. In 6 short months, whoever thought we'd be worried about consequences of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in America! This could be a nightmare-come-real – a true story of the walking dead.

In the past 3 weeks, we've heard the gamut of talk show guests ranging from the too-calm simpletons to the head-spinning neurotics on this topic. It's clever to be somewhere in between. Not gullible as the CDC and government would wish, but not performing mental terror gymnastics.

The fact that Dallas clean-up crews hosed off ebola-ridden vomit WITHOUT PROTECTION does nothing for our comfort zone. Where are the guidelines for these folks? How many people have come in contact – knowingly and unknowingly – with plague-contaminated body fluids and are therefore capable of catching and passing on this often fatal virus?

The fact that now nearly deceased Thomas Eric Duncan lied his way into this Country saying he'd had no contact with any ebola-sick people and then got on a plane is alarming. He exposed between 50 and 100 people to this body-destroying disease, depending on which news agency you choose to believe.

Fact Two: We don't have a porous border, we have an OPEN border. Any ill person or terrorist can stroll across our southern realms without fear of consequence. Obama says 'don't prosecute' the first offense. It only takes a Muslim extremist one go, to pull the rip cord on a chest-full of C4 and a whole lot of heartache ensues. Now think about that a-symptomatic individual that is death on 2 legs scuttling across the border. He or she smiles, makes nice, drinks and dines in large public arenas, maybe goes to a Cowboys football game coming in contact with thousands of people, maybe he attends a mega-church like Amarillo's Hillside Christian Church, Austin's Stone Community Church, Carrollton's Covenant Church, Houston's Second Baptist Church, Dallas' Potter's House or El Paso's Abundant Living Faith Center or Grapevine's Fellowship Church that over 24,000 members or Joel Osteen's Second Baptist Church that caters to over 43,000 congregants (the list doesn't stop here: check this site for mega-churches) or shopping at Houston's Galleria, the largest mall in Texas. I'm not picking on Constitution-adhering Texas, but they have a huge border with Mexico that Gov. Perry is doing his best to defend despite Obama's countermeasures. It is a monumental ask-task.

An exposed person has up to 3 weeks before they become symptomatic, sometimes a lot shorter. Though he or she isn't contagious when not experiencing symptoms, they can scout out a whale of a lot of territory and make it their #1 priority to hit those targets when spewing the deadly virus.


It's often the unseen that's most unnerving. Where is it coming from? Is 'it' here already? Has my family been exposed? Am I already sick and don't know it?

This is yet another reason to have a garden. If you've never grown food, now really is the time to get going. Only a small bit of space is needed. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, without a greenhouse, the growing season is nearly at an end. However, you can and should get a jump for next spring. Prepare the beds now and be ready for early planting. Gardening is pretty easy, if you know what to do; it's just not foolproof. Like all skills, it requires knowledge and experience. By spring, who knows where we'll be with ebola and other such dread diseases. If quarantines or martial law are in place, you need to have a continuous supply of fresh food without exposing yourself. Having your own garden is the answer.

Reuters announced Marburg has just broken out in Uganda. Is that coming here too? If you don't know that we are seriously in End Times, please give me some of what you're inhaling. Never ever have we seen a time such as this.


After nearly two decades of warning people to get prepared, it is our hope you have taken it to heart. Sometimes there is ample warning to prepare like say for a financial collapse. Other disasters like a tornado or earthquake descend like Thor's hammer with no notice. This is somewhere in between. There may not be a lot of time, there is some time to ready your household for possible quarantining.

Photo: Katrina victims on their rooftops, begging for rescue. Where was FEMA?

Governments the world over will continue to obfuscate – lie. No one wants to see economic markets impacted. For example, in 1995-96 New Zealand did not want to warn its citizens and therefore didn't about Ruapehu's coming eruption. They wanted to keep tourist dollars flowing and people were literally skiing down Ruapehu's slopes when it began spewing ash. That event could have killed 'only' a few hundred people. Can you imagine what it would do to world economies if people stopped shopping, halted buying, hunkered down?

I am convinced we will not be told just how bad it is. This is why it is more incumbent than ever to have at least 6 months of food, water, meds and other supplies on hand. Don't forget your pets or your heart will break harder that you forgot these mighty, happy forces in our lives.

Please make use of my free website of emergency preparedness information. It costs you nothing outside of download time and some study.

We are no longer in 'what-if' times. We have a real and present danger operating our Country. Don't give into fear. Rise above, rise to readiness. Be prepared. It's your best defense. Know that government will NOT come to your aid till too late, if at all. Reference Michael Brown of Katrina infamy and Sandy Hook – Obama's blame. Two recent time examples of how we are left to fend for ourselves. Then FEMA head Michael Brown worried about his wardrobe and his Arabian horses, not about Americans. Over 1,800 people died. That still makes my head spin! What a self-serving pig! This is not about politics. Fall-down resides on both sides of the political divide and you'll be safe in neither. MORE

Sept 24
Barbarians in Our Midsts

It's one thing to read news articles detailing horrors of radical Islamists and quite another to run up against these people firsthand. This is what happened to a personal friend in Australia two days ago. We all need to pay attention to this – especially we women.

Last evening when I spoke with a girlfriend in Queensland, Patricia was uncharacteristically subdued. No bubbly enthusiasm spilling over. Since we often talk a couple times a week, her 'off' mood was immediately apparent. Normally she greets a 'hello' with 'it's only me' and a giggle, and we're off and running into a newsy, fun conversation. Usually an hour slips away without either of us noticing.

She'll share the latest ridiculous stuff done by their government and of course, Obama and Congress offer no shortage of material here. Last night there were no amusing tales about their animals like Bailey, their newest German Shepherd, chewing holes in the wall or 'redesigning' a table leg; no stories about work layoffs in the car and mining industries, no news about her latest foray into natural remedies or business challenges of people ripping off her work. Instead Patricia relayed the following sobering encounter.

Since her husband, Mike, was enjoying a 3-week vacation, he accompanied her to Coles – a major grocery chain much like Safeway, Kroger or Winn-Dixie. This task is something Patty normally does by herself while Mike's at work.

After the groceries were purchased, Patty wandered outside for a newspaper. As she dropped coins in the vending machine and retrieved the latest Courier Mail, three Muslim men accosted her on the sidewalk. One of the three stuck his face right in hers and began to verbally harass her. Patty looked around for Mike, but he was 150 yards away unaware of her predicament. When she demanded to know what he wanted, this Muslim began clucking in her face.

What the heck was up with that?

Patty said his clucking indicated disgust. This was very unnerving for a woman seemingly alone and literally defenseless. The normally unflappable Patty sensed danger and fled back inside Coles.


Stan and I still lived in Australia when their government took advantage of the actions of a deranged man, mentally challenged Martin Bryant, after he killed 35 people in Tasmania and injured another 23. Since Australia doesn't have the death penalty, Bryant is serving 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without chance of parole. Quite a waste of space and resources to keep this crazy person alive. My personal opinion. No motive was released to the public for Martin's actions. However, his lawyer wrote a book detailing the massacre. In it he revealed that Bryant was fixated on murders committed at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland the month before. He continually prodded his lawyer asking how many people had he, Martin Bryant, killed – was it more than the 17 who lost their lives in Scotland?

Photo: Martin Bryant

Within 6 months of what became known as the Port Arthur Massacre, the Aussie govt. initiated a total gun recall on Sept. 30, 1996. They hit people when they felt vulnerable and few resisted. Little did they reason out that the bad guys would still have weapons and the only people disarmed – for the most part – were law abiding citizens. Does this ring a Sandy Hook bell? Politicos took that opportunity to push through onerous firearms legislation here in America. If liberals could accomplish it, we too, would be completely without self protection of the 2nd Amendment. MORE

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