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Stan guests with Dave Krieger on the Power Hour, Dec. 5. Watch.

Stan guests with Tony Koretz in New Zealand on Minute to Midnite, Nov. 9. Listen.

Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, Nov. 1. Watch.

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2 New Sources for EMP Threats Recently Discovered: Variations in the intensity of the solar wind can cause explosive disruptions to the Earth's magnetic field which can cause localized EMPs. It's known that EMPS can be caused nuclear blasts overhead, as well as CMEs and solar flares on the Sun, BUT recently it was discovered such disruptions can be caused by sudden increases in the velocity of the solar wind. These 'disruptions' are called re-connection events in the Earth's magnetic field. They can produce smaller, localized EMPs on the Earth — even on the side facing away from the Sun. See Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Increasing Threat Moving Forward and Violent Solar Storms Are Happening Closer to Earth Than Anyone Thought Was Possible.

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NEWS for DECEMBER 8 National Brownie Day

Feds Prepare For Energy And Diesel Shortages
Look How Many Products Are Impacted By Petroleum
Only a Quarter of U.S. Say Economic Conditions Are Good
US Banks Warn of Recession as Inflation Takes Toll on Consumers, Stocks Plummet
AP Gushes Over Janet Yellen Putting Her Signature on Money She’s Printing
What Americans Must Do to Stop the Great Reset
Newsflash: Those 87,000 IRS Agents Aren’t For Sam Bankman-Fried
New York Times Union Workers Stage Historic Mass Walkout
Are We Living in a ‘Post-Truth’ Society?
Journey: Separate Ways – HOLLY NOTE: When you go separate ways.
Jon Pardi: Head Over Boots – HOLLY NOTE: And then when you don't...
Piers Morgan Eats Steak in Front of Vegan Protester: ‘I Love Eating Steak, I’m Not Going to Stop’
Prepping 2.0 - Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas
Biden-Harris Regime Trades America-Hating WNBA Lesbian Brittney Griner for Russian ‘Merchant of Death’, Leave Ex-Marine Behind
The FBI: From G Men to National Disgrace
‘Endangering Our National Security’: Senator Launches Inquiry Into Biden’s $200M Grant to China-Based Battery Company
Pentagon Withholds Critical Data on China’s Expanding Nuclear Arsenal, Republicans Say
Democrat Crime Policies Pave The Way For Destroying Constitutional Rights
“We Are Going To Be Filing A Lawsuit THIS FRIDAY” – Kari Lake Guest Hosts America First With Sebastian Gorka
Biden Has Poisoned Any Immigration Amnesty By Not Enforcing Border
Biden DOJ Subpoenas Election Officials in 4 Battleground States for Trump Documents
Dems' Star Witness In SCOTUS Hearing Deemed ‘Not Credible’ By SCOTUS
House GOP Teases Bold Action Against Ex-Twitter Lawyer Who Suppressed Hunter Story
Twitter Files: Jack Dorsey Urges Elon Musk After James Baker Ouster, 'Just Release Everything Without Filter'
Ethics Investigation Into AOC Comes After Attendance At Met Gala
'Murder Capital' of US, New Orleans, Just Got a Lot More Dangerous, Dem Mayor Forced to Watch Dept Dwindle
Federal Grand Jury Indicts Republican Florida State Representative Joseph Harding
Bipartisan Group Pushes For Resources To Address Border Agent Suicides
Border Patrol Agent Dies on Duty in Texas
Migrant Apprehensions in Northern U.S. Border Sector Jump 484% this Year
EXCLUSIVE: Sinaloa Cartel Enforcer Accused of Torture, Murder of Pregnant Woman in Mexican Border State
Gulf Cartel Allies Have Monopoly over Texas-Mexico Trade Bridge, Say Feds
10,000 Migrants Apprehended in One Texas Border Sector Last Week, 4,000 More Got Away
Mexican Authorities Seize 32K Fentanyl Pills from Sinaloa Cartel
GRAPHIC VIDEO: Venezuelan Migrant Films Deadly Journey Through Panama Jungle to U.S.
Exclusive: ICE Air Shuffles Migrants Around Texas Due to Overcrowded Detention Centers
Soros DA George Gascon Puts Forward Policies that Help Illegal Aliens Escape Deportation
New Federal Immigration Figures Revealed that Were 73,000 Illegal Alien “Gotaways” in One Month
5 Electricity Substations In Oregon And Washington Are Attacked Just Days After Two In North Carolina Were Shot Up Causing Widespread Power Outages
S2 Undergroud Brief - Moore Co NC Substation Attack
Not a Joke: Ford Says Don't Use Heater in Electric Truck in Winter to Save Battery - But That's Not All