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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, August 16. Watch.

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Woman Who Survived Lightning Strike Near White House Speaks Out
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Absolutely Insane Waterspout Off The Coast of Greece on August 14
Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood: If I Didn't Love You – It only hurts if you care. Great duet!
Anne Murray: Could I Have This Dance – And when you find the right one, this is what you ask.
‘This Chapter Is Closed’: All University Of Alabama Sororities Reject Transgender Applicant
Liberal Media Outlets Spotlight Trans Men Who've Had Abortions
Ring Cameras Amassing Info On Users...And Their Neighbors
Lawmakers, Pundits React After Rep. Liz Cheney Ousted From House By Trump-Backed Challenger
Trump Blasts Liz Cheney After Primary Loss To Harriet Hagerman: 'She Can Finally Disappear'
CRUSHED: Rep. Liz Cheney Compares Herself To Abraham Lincoln Following Resounding Defeat In Wyoming Primary
Liz Cheney Calls on Democratic Voters to Switch Parties, Give Her Boost in GOP Primary – HOLLY NOTE: Even this couldn't help her.
Trump Says FBI Demanded Security Cameras Shut Off During Mar-A-Lago Raid
DOJ Admits It Acted Outside Scope ‘Authorized’ By Court When Seizing Trump Passports: REPORT
Tucker Carlson: There's a Reason The Public's Confidence in the FBI Has Plummeted
5 Ways to Fight the Deep State Without Sparking a Civil War
Exclusive — Rep. Scott Perry: FBI Seizing My Phone May Be ‘Reprisal’ for When ‘I Called for the Impeachment of Merrick Garland’
Liberals Hated The Espionage Act. Then The FBI Used It Against Trump
EXCLUSIVE: Santorum: Mar-A-Lago Raid Is Another Reason For A Convention Of States
Victor David Hanson: The ‘FBI Is Beyond Redemption’
Solar Activity Is High: Updated Storm Forecast
The Mar-a-Lago Raid and DC Desperation – HOLLY NOTE: The first 38 minutes can be dispensed with, but start at the 38 minute mark and listen through 49.
L.A. County in the Ditch
2022 Migrant Flood Breaks Records
Exclusive–Wilcox: From the Big Apple to the City of Angels, America’s 10 Most Dangerous Sanctuary Cities
US Southern Border Saw Nearly 200,000 Migrant Encounters In July, As Border Crisis Rolls On
Mexican Cartel Smugglers Spray Dangerous Chemicals on Migrants to Trick K9 Officers
Migrants Celebrate Joe Biden Ending ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program: ‘I Am Free’
Migrant Woman Loses Foot Jumping from Train near Border in Texas
Biden Signs Dems' $739,000,000,000 Spending And Climate Bill Into Law — After Blasting GOP Opposition
$3,800,000,000,000 – A look at Biden’s Massive Spending Since Inauguration Day
Related: IRS Will Use Inflation Reduction Act's Spending Boost To Target Conservative Groups: Tea Party Group Founder – HOLLY NOTE: Think it won't happen? We have only to look back to 2013 when Lois Lerner's IRS targeted Conservatives.
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'We're Going To Find You': Govt Struggles To Prosecute Billions Of Dollars' Worth Of COVID Fraud
Economic Slowdown Now, Recession Coming In 2023