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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, well whenever. Watch. Got this message from Doug yesterday:

Friends, Due to a number of medical issues I must address, including travel to medical facilities outside of Erie, it is not possible for me to keep my regular recording schedule for the foreseeable future, starting this week. You’ve already experienced cancellations (last week, for example, and sporadically over the last several weeks), for which I apologize for any inconvenience.

Because my appointment times will fluctuate with little advance notice, the travel, and all associated issues, I need to drop guest slots to once a month. Based on what I know as of last Friday, the FIRST FULL WEEK of each month will be less restrictive and most open on my schedule. That considered, I invite the recipients of this email to keep, if desired, your regular slots for the first full week of each month, starting the week of October 3rd.

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Song of the Day 1, 2 – Thinking of all Floridians as they deal with Hurricane Ian.

A lot of great music came out of Miami Vice. Fun to watch back. Loved 'Vice'; grooved on the music, the 80s fashion and BIG hair or 'big har' as Dolly Parton would say. Everything was over the top. If anything was big, colorful and overdone, do more. If you wore 3 gold bracelets, pile on a couple more.

#2 – Summer is almost gone... Interesting that the first 2 lines are "Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air. Summer is out of reach." With Ian approaching, everybody that hasn't evacuated is hunkering down.
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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, August 30. Watch.

Stan guests with Shannon Davis (Omegaman), August 12. Listen. Take your pick of 10 listening venues.

Stan guests with Charlotte at California Haunts Radio, August 11 Listen.

Stan guests with Pastor Paul Begley August 11. Listen.

SEPT. 26 UPDATE: Stan and I are better. Much better. Strength is back. Going out to mow and trim the yard.

The infinite fatigue was brutal; the worst of the symptoms for me. For Stan it was hugely clogged lungs, yet he beat it back. I slept non-stop for 2-1/2 weeks, plus all night. Dragged up to do news and then went back to sleep. Major body aches for both like your were hit with a baseball bat all over.

Stan's brain fog is leaving. I didn't have that fog thing, but experienced burning eyes for 3 days like you couldn't look at a bright TV or computer screen. O2 good for both now. The coughing issue has stayed with me more than Stan, but I was the quicker healer overall. Feel great! We are definitely on the upswing.

Expect Stan to do Hagmann's show when Doug is in good enough health.

Thank all of you for your cards, emails, messages, phone calls. Apologize that due to the many that came in, couldn't answer them personally while feeling so miserable. We love you and thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness.

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NEWS for SEPTEMBER 28 National North Carolina Day

Why Are The Global Elite Billionaires All Building Underground Doomsday Bunkers To Survive The Apocalypse?
US Embassy In Moscow Urges Americans To Leave Russia Immediately, Warning That Dual Nationals Could Be Drafted Into The Ukraine War
U.S. Steps Up Intel, Surveillance After Putin’s Nuke Threats
Study: Nearly Half Of Israelis Agree Iran Nuke Sites Should Be Attacked Even Without US Support
All 50 States Get Green Light To Build EV Charging Stations Covering 75,000 Miles Of Highways – HOLLY NOTE: As we warned a couple of days ago, people should have some form of backup power whether it's generators, solar or something else because when Democrats kick green energy into high gear without fixing the power grid, California's rolling black-and brownouts with hit every state. Hopefully it won't bring down the entire grid, but this is that unacknowledged dinosaur in the room.
Related: Biden’s Green Agenda Puts U.S. Power Grid At Extreme Risk
Hurricane Ian Intensifies to Cat 4 With Winds Jumping to 155mph (Cat 5 Is Just 2 Miles Greater at 157) as Florida Braces For Direct Hit – NOTE: The U.S. has only had 4 Cat 5s in history.
Latest Timing And Track For Hurricane Ian Landfall in Florida
Ian’s Flooding Rainfall, Coastal Inundation To Spread North Well Beyond
DeSantis Deploys Guardsmen In Advance of Ian
Earliest Arrival Time of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds
…Peak Surge
…Rainfall Potential
Cuba In The Dark After Hurricane Ian Knocks Out Power Grid
Hurricane Ian's Affects On Vital Industry May Send Shockwaves Beyond Florida – Spike Food Prices & Disrupt Fertilizer Supply
Massive Sinkholes Leave 2 Missing And 3 Injured In Guatemala
CNN’s Don Lemon Tries To Blame Hurricane Ian On Climate Change. NOAA’s Hurricane Director Shuts Him Down.
Poll: FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Has No Effect on a Trump 2024 Bid
DeSantis Team Hits Back After Biden Deems Vaccination a ‘Vital Part’ of Hurricane Prep
Founder of Oath Keepers Militia Goes On Trial Over U.S. Capitol Attack
Trump Installed a Historic Number Of Judges. Biden Is Outpacing Him So Far.
White House Releases Strategy For Ending Hunger in US by 2030
Gascon Accused Of Punishing Veteran Prosecutors With Demotions After Recall Bid
HUGE!! U.S. Gov Admits 5 FBI Informants Were Embedded With Oath Keepers On Jan 6...Prosecutors Failed To Disclose This Key Bit Of Information
Illegal Government Spying? Records Reveal Postal Workers Spied On Conservatives And 2A Advocates
Sen. John Kennedy: What You Allow Will Continue
Tucker Carlson: We Could Wind Up In Third World Conditions Very Quickly
Stephen Miller: Mitch McConnell Showed Us 'Political Cowardice And Political Stupidity'
Dela-Where? Biden Is a 'Son of a Beach' in a Sorry State
Kamala Harris To Visit Border – In Korea
Kyiv Says Gas Leaks On Nord Stream Pipelines Are Result of Moscow ‘Terror Attack’ – HOLLY NOTE: That was my first thought yesterday after hearing that the pipeline 'sprang a leak.' Kind of ironic that this would be in the area of Denmark and Sweden. Both countries want to join NATO and Putin is vehemently opposed.
Iranians Hold 12th Night Of Protests; Ex-President Rafsanjani’s Daughter Arrested
Prayers Needed: Canadian Mom Desperate To Save Diabetic 23-Yr-Old From Being Euthanized Sept. 28
Over 250,000 Men Left Russia to Avoid Mobilization
China Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel Usage Despite Its Commitment to Globalist Elites and Useful Idiots Like John Kerry
BREAKING: Kenney Commands Alberta RCMP to Ignore Trudeau’s Gun Laws
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Named Prime Minister
Tenn. Governor Acknowledges 'God's Sovereignty,' Signs 'Day of Prayer' Proclamation
Anglicans, Episcopal Church Reach Settlement On Yearslong $500 Million Property Dispute
Multifaith Panel to Evaluate Homeland Security Church Protections
Ted Cruz on Border Crisis: You Know What Is Racist?
Jesse Watters: Migrants Were Sent To Sanctuary Cities And The Libs Lost It
Border-Crossing Asylum-Seekers Hit 6-Year High in Canada
Obama Claims Racism to Suppress American Opposition to Biden’s Deadly Migration
“Take Your A$$ Home!” – Black Rights Group Marches in Austin Chanting Anti-Immigrant Slogans and Demanding Reparations
Inviting Terrorism: Number Of Terrorists Being Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border Is Increasing, Thanks to Biden’s Policies
Adams 'Frustrated' By NYC's Migrant Crisis Wants National 'Decompression Strategy'
Illegal Alien Convicted for Deadly 2007 Las Vegas Bombing Escapes Prison
Don Henley: Sunset Grill – HOLLY NOTE: Thinking of all Floridians as they deal with Hurricane Ian. A lot of great music came out of Miami Vice. Fun to watch back.

Loved 'Vice'; grooved on the music, the 80s fashion and BIG hair or 'big har' as Dolly Parton would say. Everything was over the top. If anything was big, colorful and overdone, do more. If you wore 3 gold bracelets, pile on a couple more.
Don Henley: The Boys of Summer – HOLLY NOTE: Summer is almost gone... Interesting that the first 2 lines are "Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air. Summer is out of reach." With Ian approaching, everybody is hunkering down.
Victim Of Brutal NYC Subway Attack Reveals Gruesome Injuries, Rips Into Mayor Adams
Women Are Rightly Terrified of NYC Subways — But Our Fears Are Ignored
Bail Reform Has Failed, And Advocates Saying Otherwise Ignore The Facts
Let's Talk About the NYC Poster Boy For Bail Reform's Failure
Investor Pessimism Jumps To Levels Not Seen In Nearly 13 Years
Senate Advances Stop-Gap Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Aid, $3 Billion for Biden’s Afghans
First Lawsuit Filed To Block Biden's Student Loan Handout
Student Loan: They REALLY Need Your Help
Inflation in America: Older Adults Fear Going Hungry Over Rising Food Costs