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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, Dec. 1, 6 pm MT. Watch.

NOTE: For unspecified reasons, Doug had to cut back his regular guests to once a month. It was supposed to be just for 1 month but will continue for the foreseeable future. Consequently Stan is starting his own videos. We'll let you know when the first is available.

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Song of the Day 1, 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Billy Dean was of my very fav country artists even before I liked country. These songs are about 'getting' each other and dodging the divorce bullet.

To do that, talk about everything, stop what you're doing and really listen to the other person. It's also a big plus if your other half is sentimental and steadfast. Let them know they are appreciated and say I love you every day. At 60, this tall drink of water has lost none of his appeal.

Editorial of the Day 1, 2

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Stan guests with Tony Koretz in New Zealand on Minute to Midnite, Nov. 9. Listen.

Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, Nov. 1. Watch.

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NEWS for NOVEMBER 29 Giving Tuesday

We're on the Brink Of Civil War Between Jews And Arabs, Warns Acre Mayor
The Great Reset: Netherlands to Forcefully Shut Down 3,000 Farms
Severe Weather To Threaten 30 Million From Texas To Illinois
Mauna Loa Eruption Prompts Warnings For Hawaii’s Big Island
Atmospheric River With Heavy Snow, Rain To Slam West Coast
Storm With High Winds, Colder Air To Blast Across Midwest, Northeast
Strong Tornadoes Possible As Outbreak Of Severe Storms Hits The South
Ace Forecaster Warns Of ‘Spectacular Cold’ This Winter
Your Odds Of Being Hit By A Tornado
Colorado River Compact Now 100 Years Old – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder the once mighty Colorado is drying up. We're still in the midst of a massive continuous drought in the West. Worse though, 100 years ago without using foresight, those who wrote this agreement (compact) didn't envision the population growing to such massive proportions. Then, California's population was 4 million. Now it's 40 million, many of which are illegal aliens.

The Colorado River supplies water to 40 million in 7 western states and parts of Mexico. This simply can't continue without replenishment or rewriting this compact or no one will have water.
At Least 15 Dead In Landslide In Cameroon Capital Yaounde
Billy Dean: Two Of The Lucky Ones and Only a Woman Knows – HOLLY NOTE: Billy Dean was of my very fav country artists even before I liked country. These tunes are about 'getting' each other and dodging the divorce bullet. To do that, it helps to talk about everything, stop what you're doing, look at that person and really listen.

It's also a big plus if your other half is sentimental, remembers / appreciates the little things and is steadfast. At 60, this tall drink of water has lost none of his appeal.
Man Charged with Felony Theft Identified as 'Gender Fluid' Biden Official – HOLLY NOTE: You have to wonder 'what's in the water' that so many more men are homosexual than women. It's not your imagination nor is masculinity 'toxic'. See the following:

"The American Psychiatric Association, using GID (gender identity disorder) criteria, suggested that MTFs (males-to-females) had a 1 in 30,000 (.0077%) prevalence rate, while FTMs (females-to-males) were 1 in 100,000 (.0029%). …A similar ratio of men to women is found in sexual orientation, where gay men are approximately twice as common as gay women."

Thankfully a lot of women still appreciate masculine men and they love feminine women.
Musk Vows To Make New Phones If Apple And Google Try To Restrict Twitter
Mental Illness: Latest Fad for Trannies Wanting to Be Women Is to Have Bones Removed
Transgender Psychologist Fires Back After School Lets Teens Transition Without Notifying Parents
Lame-Duck Democrats To Try To Jam Through Same-Sex Marriage Bill
The Respect for Marriage Act Should be Called Respect For Gay Marriage Act
The UN Wants You To Know That Words Are Weapons Now, And They Lead To Cruelty And Violence
400 Groups Urge U.S. Lawmakers To Take 'Immediate Steps' To Block Potential Rail Strike
Exclusive — Conservatives Warn of ‘Doomsday Scenario’ if McCarthy Fails in Speaker Race Where Democrats Neuter GOP Power
Gun Boom Continues: FBI Ran 192,749 Background Checks on Black Friday
Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Voters Believe Valid ID Should Be Required in Elections
Rep. Clyburn Compares Legal Gun Purchases to Slavery – HOLLY NOTE: Sounds like most Democrats are sucking down looney juice.
Rep. James Comer: Republicans' Crime Priority Will Be Fentanyl
I’m Just Sad At What’s Happening In Our Country
Sen. Chris Murphy: Not Enough Votes To Pass ‘Assault’ Weapons Ban That Biden Wants – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday Mark O. responded to my comment on why an AR-15 isn't an assault weapon. He suggested the note should have included that specific info, more than just the name.

The key difference is that it's not fully automatic. It can't spray bullets; only one is released with each trigger pull. It also uses the same ammo as a 22 or 12 gauge. If you want a clear concise response to silence Democrats' idiocy, the following is a great article.
Why AR-15s Aren’t Machine Guns, Shouldn’t Be [Called] ‘Assault Weapons’
Counties Honoring The 2nd Amendment Shouldn’t Get Federal Police Funding – Dem Sen Chris Murphy
Joe Biden Mulls 3rd Reelection of President Kamala Harris
Maricopa Poll Worker Says Over 500 Voters Disenfranchised At One Location Alone
Stuart Varney: I'm Thankful To Be An American
NYC Prosecutor Downgrades Half Of 2022’s Felony Cases, New Statistics Show
Soldier Surprises Wife Just In Time For Birth Of Their First Child
25-Year-old Window Cleaner is Scrubbing Road Signs for Free to Improve Safety and Give Back to Community
He Photobombed His Girlfriend For A Month, Taking Engagement Ring Pictures Without Her Noticing It
Pop-Tarts Creates Tiny ‘Gingerbread Lodge’ — and Lists It on Zillow
'This is Christ-mas': Tim Allen Says New The Santa Clauses Series Will Highlight Religion in Christmas
Many Religious 'Nones' Believe In God Or A Higher Power, Study Finds
Print Bibles Remain the 'Bible Format Used Most Often' in America: New Poll
Sight & Sound's First Movie, I Heard the Bells, Is a Story 'of Hope' in Christ: Director
Build the Wall? Finland Plans Border Fence With Russia as NATO Membership Looms
Euthanasia Being Advertised In Canada By Major Retailer Simons – Assisted Suicide For Profit?
U.S. Embassy Warns Americans In China To Prepare As Lockdowns Intensify
Communist China Using Porn to Hide Videos of Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests
Two Families Share A Happy Holiday After A Kind Cop's Kidney Donation
National Border Patrol Council President Accuses White House Of Continuing To ‘Lie’ About Border Crisis
Schumer Suggests DACA Amnesty Needed to Spike U.S. Population – HOLLY NOTE: This is erroneous reasoning. Whether or not they are citizens, they are still here, still reproducing, still enjoying all the benefits of living in our country and still counted by the Census Bureau, therefore influencing elections by their sheer numbers in Congressional districts. This is just another push by Democrats to 'make' more Democrats. They know they have till the end of this year to ram through every piece of onerous legislation they desire.
Nightmare Before Christmas: Border Patrol Agents Reveal Fears About Collapse Of Title 42
Increasing Number Of Mexican Asylum Seekers Heading to Canada
House Republicans To Hold Hearings At The Border As Migrant Encounters Surge
McCarthy's Threat To Fire Mayorkas a 'Great Start' To Resolving Border Crisis: Tony Katz – HOLLY NOTE: True it may not curtail the migrant surge, but it would punish people who choose to ignore laws on the books, which in effect, makes them lawbreakers.
Border Officer Discover More Than 400 Counterfeit Super Bowl Rings
Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter: Stable Cancers and other Diseases Are Rapidly Progressing in 'Boosted' People
Fauci: 'Keep Up on Your Boosters, Because the Protection Clearly Wanes'
Cigarette Smoking Among Young Americans Hits New Low In Gallup Poll
There’s An Ibuprofen Shortage, But The Good News Is There’s Plenty Of ‘Vaccines’ – Biden COVID Czar
China COVID Protests Spread To Major Cities
WHO Renames Monkeypox As ‘Mpox’
This AI Could Be a Gamechanger For Patients With Lung Problems
The New Normal: Another Pilot Suffers a Heart Attack Mid-Flight, Results in Emergency Landing
WaPo Promotes Eating Insects Yet Again
Israel, US to Hold Air Drill Simulating Striking Iran Nuclear Program
Revealed: Dozens Of Judea And Samaria Communities To Get Official Recognition
Efforts to Save Endangered Blue Butterfly Quadruples its Population–but Also Saves a Lupine from Extinction
Baby Lamb Is Rejected By Mom And Forms Special Bond With Farm Dog
3 Rare White Reindeer Calves Get Ready For Christmas, Joining the UK’s Only Herd
Fisherman Catches Giant 67.4 Pound Goldfish In France