Big Change Is Coming

May 7, 2011
By Judy Curmi

Judy, things are not always going to remain the same as they are now. Things are going to change drastically in your life. Things are also going to change drastically in the world.

Men in power- specifically in the financial domain - think they are going to be able to keep up their financial charade forever, but I say “NO”! The fleecing of the sheep, the stealing of everyone else's future (except for their own) does not please me. I did not create men to be vampires and blood suckers!

This is what is going on today in the world of “high finance” such as Wall Street and international investment banking. My Plan did not encompass a few predators in various countries managing to amass all the wealth for themselves, while everyone else became enslaved in debt or too poverty stricken to provide shelter and food for their families.

I AM ABOUT TO TURN THE TABLES IN A VERY BIG WAY. The earth belongs to ME, not two-legged blood-suckers driving Aston Martins and Rolls Royces. I AM going to prevail for I AM the creator and sustainer of all things, not man.

Man is an ephemeral being and his life depends on me. The greatest man living in the poshest mansion or most elegantly appointed chateau is still only one breath away from death and standing before me in judgment.

I AM turning the tables. The earth is MINE. The old order of things is about to dissolve before your very eyes. Even before the end of this year - 2011 - things will have changed in a way that will startle you.

I AM going to call MY people out of the wilderness. I AM going to call them out of their deserts and hiding places. I AM going to begin to establish MY kingdom and set my people in high places. The darkness can not overcome the light. My people will be powerful “lighthouses” and beacons of light calling people to righteousness, right thinking and right living.

In my kingdom my children esteem others more highly than themselves. They do not spend their time continually plotting and scheming how they can swindle others and strip them of the little they have left! A good name is to be cherished above all things, and this is a name of someone who walks in wisdom, righteousness and humility before their God.

What earth worships means nothing to me. The gold and silver, the positions of power, wealth and fame - none of these have any lasting value if they are not used for my kingdom purposes. In the greater scheme of things they are as fleeting as the dandelions and the daffodils.

I AM going to bring it all down. I alone am to be worshipped. I will bring the great and bloated plans of wicked men to nothing. It is not only on your doorstep, but my Plan is beginning to unfold even now. I will “interfere” with man and his plans whenever and however I want! All knees must and will bend to me in the end.

I will open doors for my people.

I will open windows of escape.

I will give glimpses into the heavenly realms.

My people are about to start walking in the POWER

I created mankind to walk in!

They will minister to the lost and the needy. They will bring comfort and hope to the hopeless. They will rebuild the waste places of broken human hearts. They will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is a God in heaven, that he walks and talks with his people and that he cares!

The dichotomy will be very clear. People can choose the hell on earth or they can choose a little bit of heaven and stand with ME.

Since I hold all the winning cards it would see this should not be a hard choice to make, but even so, old habits die hard. The flesh is very persuasive. Flesh that has been pandered to really knows how to scream!

Everyone is going to have to make a decision. I want and intend to make that decision as clear and easy as possible. Fence sitting will not be allowed. Choosing unrighteousness, selfishness and wickedness will have its consequences.

I will prevail in this matter. People will be STUNNED at what I will do, for I AM who I say I AM, not some made-up character in a book of “silly story tale fables” certain men sneeringly call the Bible.

Be wise, not foolish. Choose the path of righteousness, not vanity and earthly foolishness. These will vanish into nothing when you have to stand before me and account for your life. Do not be left standing before me naked, but be clothed with righteousness and good works. Above all, don't be so foolish that when my Son looks at you, he says “I never knew you.” [Matt. 7:16-27]

Your Daddy