Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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DEC 29
Unions Demand California Weed Workers of the World Unite
98,750,067,000,000 Reasons to Buy Gold in 2018
DEC 28
Trump Tax Cuts – The Spark That Burns Down the EU
Welcome to Skid Row 2017: Shocking Scale of Homelessness in Downtown LA Where 20,000 People Live on the Streets
California's Hidden Homeless: Teachers, Chefs, Nurses and Other Middle Class Workers Living in Cars in Parking Lots Because of the State's Crazy Property Prices
DEC 27
U.S. Department Store Stocks Jump on Holiday Spending Record
No-brainer: Trump's Tax Cuts Will Help, Help, Help the Economy
DEC 26
US Slashes United Nations’ Budget By $285 Million Following “Stunning” Jerusalem Rebuke – “We Will No Longer Let the Generosity of the American People Be Taken Advantage of or Remain Unchecked” – HOLLY NOTE: More can and should be done as the U.S. contributes 22% of the UN's entire operating budget and 28% of its peacekeeping funds. Let's not forget that "the U.S. donated the 18 acres where the UN buildings sit. If they had to purchase that land, adjusting for inflation today, it would exceed $107 million and that's not factoring in location, location, location. It's a fantastic property overlooking the East River, just a mile and a half from Central Park. In New York City, 18 acres would be priceless. On top of that donation and the hefty "contribution" America forks over to them every year, the U.S. loaned them $65 million interest-free to build it. In 2006 the Federal Reserve Bank of New York put a price tag of $2,100 a square foot on NYC's undeveloped property. In today's dollars that'd be a cool $1.6 billion, give or take. While the UN buildings sit on prime U.S. land, those 18 acres were deeded over in a treaty that gives them complete sovereignty. In exchange for the U.S. providing them local police, fire protection and other services, the UN agrees to acknowledge most local, state, and federal laws. How much is "most"? And because they agree to acknowledge our laws doesn't mean they respect or obey them. With all of these concessions, one has to wonder why we wanted the UN here so desperately." (
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, page 361)
Dershowitz Praises UN Budget Cut: It's Become a 'Place of Hatred'
Trump Administration Set to Unveil $1 Trillion Infrastructure Proposal in 2018
Unhinged Rosie O'Donnell Warns of Eternal Damnation for Paul Ryan Over … Tax Cuts?
Retail Apocalypse: 21 Big Retailers Closing Stores in 2017
Japan's Largest Bank Is Preparing for a Bitcoin Exchange Collapse
Asian Stocks Slide on iPhone X Demand Fears; US Futures Flat in Thin Holiday Trading
DEC 22
Another Promise Kept: Trump Signs Tax Overhaul, Budget Bill Before Christmas
House Passes Year-End Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown
In Updated Charts, What 8 Seniors’ Tax Bills Will Be wth Tax Reform
Reagan Would Have Supported Trump Tax Reform Despite Its Flaws, Says Reagan Budget Director
In Updated Charts, What 8 Seniors’ Tax Bills Will Be wth Tax Reform
Now Sinclair Broadcast Says It Will Pay Special $1,000 Tax Reform Bonus to Almost 9,000 Employees
Bitcoin Plunges Below $11,000 in Volatile Trading on Coinbase as Rout Accelerates; Now Down 40% From Record
How Big Is Your State’s Share of $6 Trillion in Unfunded Pension Liabilities?
DEC 21
Tax Bill Gives Americans Cash Christmas Present They Really Want
Sen. Mitch McConnell: Tax Bill Tells Middle Class Americans 'We Heard You'
AT&T Announces $1,000 Bonuses to 200,000 U.S. Employees Following Passage of Tax Reform
More Companies Trumpet Bonuses, Pay Hikes After Congress Passes Tax Bill
Final Tally: 664 Democrat Votes AGAINST Middle Class Tax Cuts – ZERO Dem Votes for Tax Cuts
Why Wall Street Is Furious at the Trump Tax Plan
Mnuchin: The American People 'Tired of Listening to Dems Complain' About Tax Cuts
30,417,609 Paid $0 Income Taxes, Got $89.6 Billion Back
DEC 20
"Merry Trumpas!" Christmas Comes Early for Trump, No, Americans with Trump Tax Victory
Why the House Needs to Vote Again on the Tax Bill
Watch Chuck Schumer Complain Nobody Paying Attention to His Anti-Tax Reform Rant on Senate Floor – video
7 Amazing Facts About Trump’s Economy …Media Don’t Want You to Know
Dow 25,000 in Sight as Tax Cuts Are "Priced in" One Last Time
Blue-State Scrooges
Tax Cuts for the Rich? Who Exactly Pays the Most Taxes?
Crypto Chaos - Bitcoin Spikes Back Above $17,000 after Flash-Crash, Bitcoin Cash Up 60%
DEC 19
Republicans Close in on Historic Tax Reform
Pence Israel Trip Postponed to Mid-January Amid Tax Vote
Some Rich to Pay More
Middle Class Gets 10% of Cut
WSJ: The Tax Cuts Will Grow the Economy by Much More than Expected
Tax Vote Today – Biggest Tax Overhaul in 30 Years
After Labeling Tax Cuts as "Armageddon,' Pelosi Bails on Protest After Only Handful Show
Optimism Soars
Dow Rises 5,000 Points in Year for First Time Ever
Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years
Holiday Spending Highest in at Least 12 Years: CNBC Survey
Netanyahu’s Bitcoin Forecast Puts Israel at Center of Financial Technology Revolution
DEC 18
GOP on Precipice of major end-of-Year Tax Victory
Trump: U.S. Economy Will ‘Rock’…
Treasury Sec. Mnuchin: ‘No Doubt’ Tax Reform Will Pass This Week
Tax Bill Will Help Illegal Immigrants
Anti-Trump Liberal Activist Group Pulls in Another $400,000 in Gov’t Grants – Has Received $20+ Million Since 2002
Study: California’s $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost State 400,000 Jobs
Bitcoin Price Crosses $19K: How Soon Before $20,000?
The 6 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin
DEC 15
Trump Cuts 22 Regs for Every New One
Trump on Deregulation: 'We Beat Our Goal By a Lot'
Bank Believes It Found Identity of Who Is "Propping Up the Bitcoin Market"
Sen. Marco Rubio Says He’s a ‘No’ on Tax Bill Without Child Credit Changes
DEC 14
Unfunded Liabilities of State Public Pensions Top $6 Trillion in 2017
Trump Blesses 21% Corporate Tax Rate, Clears Way for Final Tax Deal
Trump: Tax Cuts Could Show Up in Paychecks By February
Disney to Acquire Assets of 21st Century Fox in $52.4B Megadeal
If the Bitcoin Boom Goes Bust, the Stock Market Could See Collateral Damage, Analyst Bob Doll Says
Big Bank Caught Again with Fraudulent Accounts
DEC 13
Bitcoin Officially Biggest Bubble In World History
People Mortgaging Homes to Buy Bitcoin
PepsiCo Makes Biggest Public Pre-Order of Tesla Semis: 100 Trucks
Republicans Scoff at One of Economy’s Fastest-Growing Sectors: Renewable Energy
DEC 12
Trump’s First Year Debt Is 1/3 of Obama’s Debt and Most of the Debt is Due to Yellen’s Interest Rate Increases
Plasma for Pay: Broke Millennials Sell Blood Just to Survive
DEC 11
GOP Senator Slams Pelosi as 'Almost Unhinged' on Taxes
Pentagon to Undergo First Ever Audit after Decades of Sloppy Accounting and Missing Trillions
Auckland Man Sells House to Build Bitcoin Mining Rig
'Star Wars' Fans Line Up in Hollywood 12 Days Before 'Force Awakens' Debuts
Employers Add 228,000 Jobs – 33,000 More Than Expected, Unemployment Rate Stays 4.1%
Here's Where the Jobs Are – in One Chart
ADP Services Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History – 40,000 New Manufacturing Jobs in November
House Passes Spending Bill, First Step in Avoiding Government Shutdown
Hackers Steal $70M in Bitcoins as Price Briefly Hits $19K
This Chart Shows How the GOP Tax Plan Will Hit Your Wallet
General Electric’s Power Division to Cut 12,000 Jobs
Mexican Ambassador: Odds '50-50' NAFTA Will Be Terminated
Nearly Insolvent Illinois Just Issued AAA-Rated Bonds Via This Shady Goldman Sachs Financing Structure
U.S. Navy Squandered $4 Billion Due to Congressional Failure to Pass Budget
7 Myths About the GOP Tax Reform
GOP Tax Plan Includes Billions for Illegal Aliens at Taxpayer Expense
Fake IRS Agents Collected $666,537, Prosecutors Say
The Winklevoss Twins Have Become Two of the First Bitcoin Billionaires
Map of College Debt Per Student By State and Who Really Loses in the New Tax Bill
Pelosi Now Actually Calling the GOP Tax Plan 'the End of the World'
The War on Gold Intensifies: It Betrays The Elitists' Panic and Coming Defeat - Part 1
Guest Worker Bill Will Put Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Out of Work
Stocks Set to Soar as Investors Cheer the Senate Tax Bill Win
Republicans Push for Final Version of Tax Cut Bill to Meet Year-End Goal
Manufacturers Push Back Against Environmentalists' Climate Court Strategy
Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Says Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Help Solve Stagnant Wage Problem
36 Million Americans May Owe State Tax on Their Social Security Benefits
You're Just Not Prepared for What’s Coming
DEC 1-2
Senate Passes Tax Overhaul, Securing Major GOP Victory
Trump Hails Tax Win: 'Look Forward to Signing a Final Bill Before Christmas!'
What You Need to Know About the Tax Plan
Senate GOP Repeals ObamaCare Mandate
John McCain Is a "Yes" on GOP Tax Reform Bill
Crypto Carnage Continues as the Fed Warns Digital Currencies Could "Pose Serious Financial Stability Issues"
BMO Sees Risk of Curve Inverting "as Early as March 2018"
Stockman: "Bitcoin Is the Poster-Boy for an Unhinged Financial System"
Americans Taxed $400 Billion for Fiber Optic Internet That Doesn’t Exist
NOV 30
Dow Breaks 24,000
Trump Touts Tax Bill Ahead of Senate Vote
In Charts, How These 7 Taxpayers’ Bills Would Change If Tax Reform Were Enacted
NYT Openly Lobbies Against GOP Tax Bill in Tweet From Opinion Account
What Yellen Says Should 'Keep People Awake at Night'
Faith Leaders Write to Senate Leadership Opposing Tax Plan
Russia Warns Washington: Confiscating Gold Reserves Would Be "Declaration of Financial War"
NOV 29
Dow and S&P 500 Hit Record Highs As Wall Street Bets On Strong Economic Growth
US Futures, World Stocks, Bitcoin All Hit Record Highs
US Q3 Economic Growth Raised to 3.3%
Lira Plunges As Mystery Gold Trader Exposes "Secret" Turkish Deal To Evade Washington's "Economic Jihad"
Goldman Warns That Stock Market Valuations Are at Highest Since 1900
CEOs Will Pass Tax Cuts to Investors, Undercutting Trump’s Jobs Promise
NOV 28
Billions of Ways the Federal Government Is Wasting Your Money
Download Federal Fumbles 2017
Obama Family Vacations, Campaigning Cost Taxpayers New Total Over $114 Million
"Historic" Cyber Monday Is "Largest Online Sales Day In History" with $6.6 Billion in US Sales
NOV 27
Analysis: Senate Tax Plan Will Reduce Taxes for Most Taxpayers, Gives Biggest Cuts to Moderate-Income Families
Black Friday, Thanksgiving Online Sales Climb to Record High
Best Cyber Monday TV Deals for 2017
Amazon Vs Walmart: Best 'Cyber Monday' 2017 Deals
In Sign of Economic Improvement, Small Business Loans Surge
Bitcoin Tops $9,300 Amid "Extinction-Level Event for Banks… and Maybe Governments Too"
How the Deep State Squeezed America's Wealth
NOV 24
Retailers Jump the Gun on Black Friday, Offer Holiday Bargains Much Earlier to Attract Shoppers
China Slashes Import Tariffs on Consumer Goods in Boost for Trump and Western Exporters
America's New "Trick" to Beat Black Friday Crowds: Wear Employee Uniforms
2nd Largest Gunmaker Nears Default as Americans Buy Fewer Firearms Post-Obama
NFL Banks Billions on Backs of Taxpayers and Small Businesses
NOV 22
HORIST: Democrats Deserve 'Pinocchios' for 'Bullcrap' Claims About the Tax Bill
Nebraska’s Approval of Keystone XL Route Is No Guarantee of Pipeline’s Completion
Tesla’s Burning Through Nearly Half a Million Dollars Every Hour
Mobile Homes Are So Expensive Now, Hurricane Victims Can’t Afford Them
NOV 20
The Stage Has Been Set for the Next Financial Crisis
ECB Proposes End to Deposit Protection
The Coming Economic Downturn in Canada
Black Friday's Biggest Deals and Savings
Black Friday 2017: All the Best Tech Deals You Can Already Shop
Who's Next? Venezuela's Collapse Puts These Nations at Risk
Greyerz Says 1 of the 2 Largest Swiss Banks Refused to Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold
Bitcoin Hurtles Past $8,000
NOV 17
Republicans Rally for a ‘Comeback,’ Push $1.4 Trillion Tax Cut Through House
Fed Hints During Next Recession It Will Roll Out Income Targeting, NIRP
Best 13 Sites Like Amazon for Online Shopping
Why America's Retail Apocalypse Could Accelerate Even More In 2018

NOV 16
House GOP Set for Big Tax Win
Trump Declares Asia Trip a Roaring Success: ‘America Is Back’
There's Something Weird Going on That's Worrying the Markets
The Market Could Tank, According to Signals Coming from the Credit Market
Taxpayers Foot Bill for Soldier to Get Sex Reassignment Surgery
War between Iran & Saudi Arabia Could Send Oil to $300 per Barrel
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Biggest Risks in China
Why We're Buying Physical Gold with a $1700 Target
NOV 15
Senate's GOP Tax Reform Bill Seeks Repeal of ObamaCare Individual Mandate
One of Asia's Largest Banks Says Bitcoin Is 'a Ponzi Scheme'
Richest 1% Now Owns Half the World's Wealth
NOV 14
Trump Has Tax Overhaul in His Sights During Flight Back to Washington
Trump Promises Major Announcements on Trade, NKorea after ‘Fruitful’ 12 Days in Asia
Confidence in Jobs Market Hits New High
NOV 13
Paper: Turns Out Trump Didn't Ruin U.S. Economy – 'Talk of Armageddon Is Partisan Hysteria, Unhinged From Reality'
Popescu Report - Gold, Petrodollar: Iran vs Saudi Arabia – video
Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System, Part 1, Part 2
Bitcoin's Value Rose $10 Billion in Just 12 Hours after Dramatic Weekend Sell-Off – HOLLY NOTE: Bitcoin has enjoyed remarkable success, but people often forget that it is an intangible. As precious metals dealers often say, "If you don't hold it, do you really own it?" This is the same scenario except worse because the only 'paper-trail' for ownership is on the Internet. When the Internet goes down as in grid failure that the US. government knows is coming, people invested in Bitcoin will be left nothing in their etherspace bank account. It's called 'virtual currency' for a reason.
Wal-Mart Is Raising Prices of Food, Household Products on Its US Website
TPP 11 Forges Ahead – Minus U.S. – with Renamed Trade Pact
Where Star Scientists Choose to Locate: The Impact of US State Taxes

NOV 10
China's Xi Preaches 'Openness' and 'Cooperation' After Trump Comes Out Swinging
37 Major Deals US Firms Signed with Chinese Entities During Trump's Visit
How the Senate Tax Plan Differs from the House Legislation
Trump Blames 'Incompetence' of Prior Administrations for US Trade Deficit with China
Senate Tax Bill Keeps Adoption Tax Credit, Breaking with the House
China Energy, World's Largest Power Company, to Invest $83 Billion in West Virginia Shale Gas
Are the Rich Panicking?
UK High Street Sales Suffer "Most Horrific" October on Record
35 Chinese Cities Have Economies as Big as Countries
25 Dems Vow to Block Spending Without Dream Act
The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans Stand on Tax-Reform Bill
Study: War on Terror Has Cost $5.6 Trillion, $23k per Taxpayer — More than 3x What Pentagon Claims
The 'Remorseless' Growth of Cyber Crime Is Leading to 4,000 Ransom Attacks a DAY and Threatens Global Financial Stability, Interpol Warns
Target to Close 12 Stores Permanently to Compete with Amazon
Trump to Sign $250 Billion in Deals from China Visit
Under Trump, Stock Market Has Best First Year Since FDR
Bank Stocks, Dollar Slide Hit By Fresh Tax Reform Doubts
Banks Warn London Facing Brexit "Point of No Return"
Ron Paul: We Are Reaching a Point of No Return – When the System Will Break No Matter What the Fed Tries
Is There a Housing Bubble In Your City?
The Secret Life of the Mall Kiosk Worker
New GOP Poll: Voters Want Republican Tax Plan
Analysis: House Tax Plan Would Create Nearly 1 Million New Jobs and Increase GDP By 3.9%
Time to End Taxpayer Funded Public Broadcasting
Jobs up 261,000 in October; Unemployment Rate at 4.1%
LinkedIn Sees 24% Increase in October Hiring
American Dream Is Back: 82% Have 'Achieved' or Are 'on Way to Achieving'
Apple Passes $900 Billion in Market Cap But Strategist Says It’s a ‘Screaming Sell’
Bitcoin Jumps $400 in One Day and Soars to a New Record High
Trump MAGA Again as Major Corporation Makes America Home Again
GOP Tax Proposal Cuts Rates, Limits State and lOcal Deductions, Leaves 401(k) Intact
24 House Republicans from Blue States Resist Pressure to Embrace Costly Tax Deduction
Democratic Leaders Call for End to Right-to-Work
Public Has Hit Near-Record Levels of Complacency: Robert Prechter – video
2020 Census to Cost $107 Per Household, $15.6 Billion, Most Ever
OCT 31
New Numbers Show U.S. Companies Abusing Guest-Worker Program
"This Could Be Huge": Gold Bar Certified By Royal Canadian Mint Exposed as Fake – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I encourage people to purchase precious metals as financial insurance. Only do so from reputable companies that have been in business for at least a decade. Expect to pay only 1% over spot. If they want more than that, check elsewhere. $$ in your pocket is better than in theirs.
OCT 30
CEA: Business Side of Trump's Unified Tax Plan Could Push GDP by 5% in Next Decade

OCT 27
Unemployment Beneficiary Numbers Fall to 43-year Low in October
US Economy Grew at 3% in July-September Quarter
Majority of White Americans Say They Face Discrimination: "I'm Just a Man That Happens to Have Been Born White...if You Apply for a Job, They Seem to Give the Blacks the First Crack at It..." – HOLLY NOTE: It's not his imagination. Increasingly whites are the victim of JFK's 1961 Affirmative Action E.O. When quotas are the basis of hiring rather than skill, experience and knowledge, it drags a country's level of excellence to a lower 'acceptable' bar.
Vacant Property Rates Soar in Over Half of U.S. Local Housing Markets
Here Are the 20 House Republicans Who Voted Against the GOP Budget
Would You Be Willing to Give Amazon a ‘Key’ to Your Home?
Halloween Spending at All-Time High
OCT 26
House Narrowly Passes Budget, Paving Way for $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut
Rising Rents Are Pushing More Tenants Past the Breaking Point
Canadian Real Estate Prices See Largest Drop Since September 2010
OCT 25
$1,000 World Series Tickets Are the New Norm
OCT 23
Senate Passes $4 Trillion Budget in Crucial Step for Trump’s Tax Overhaul
Report: GOP Tax Framework Could Raise GDP By 5%, Wages By 7%
Melania Trump Cuts Bloated First Lady Payroll from Michelle Obama Days
Government Agency Blows $175G of Your Money on Photos of Food
IMF's Global Financial Crash Scenario

OCT 19
Bids for Amazon's Second Headquarters Are Due Today – Here Are the Cities in the Running
State Pension Funds Continue to Fall Behind. Here's How Much You Owe
Tax Reform Failure Could Cost Market Anywhere from 4-10%, Strategist Says
Blue Apron Cuts 6% of Its Workforce
OCT 18
Trump Pushes Tax Reform at Heritage Dinner
Dow Touches 23,000 for the First Time, Closes at Record
OCT 17
Trump Pushes for End-Of-Year Deadline for Tax Reform
GOP Tax Reform Could Boost Household Income by $4,000
OCT 13
Trump Tax Plan Helps Minorities Says Black GOP Organizer
Trump Hints Major Changes Are Coming to NAFTA
Greyerz Says Another “Well-Known” Swiss Bank Just Refused to Let a Client See the Gold the Bank Is Supposedly Storing for Them
Vulture Investors Swarm to Houston as Flooded Homes Sell for 40 Cents on the Dollar
OCT 12
Bank Runs and Bail-Ins Going Global
Goldman Is Allowing Its Clients to Bet on the Next Financial Crisis
Illinois Debt Crisis Deepens as Comptroller Admits No Idea What True Balance of Outstanding Bills Is
OCT 11
Trump Will Claim Corporate Tax Reform Will Boost Family Earnings By $4,000
Trump Will Try to Sell Tax Plan in Pennsylvania, But Political Base Begins to Fray
Trump to Focus on Truckers in Tax-Reform Pitch
"This Is Most Worrying": In One Year, Central Bank Liquidity Will Collapse from $2 Trillion to Zero
Trump Threatens to Kill Tax Breaks for NFL Stadiums; Goodell Tells Teams to Stand for Anthem
OCT 10
You Won't Believe These Income Tax Facts!
JPMorgan Updates By-laws in Case of "Nuclear Disaster" or World War III – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't it 'interesting' that some big event, something that will have major negative impact on all our lives, is on everyone's mind.
Hurricanes Blamed for 33,000 Job Loss
Even So, Unemployment Rate Drops: 4.2%
Trump Signs National Manufacturing Day Proclamation – video
Which American Cities Will File Bankruptcy Next?
The Big Banks Are Coming For Bitcoin
Trump Says Puerto Rico's Debt Will Have to Be Wiped Out – HOLLY NOTE: So who's going to eat their $72 billion? That was their debt load before hurricane Maria. Trump implied yesterday that it would be Wall Street when in fact, according to CNN, it's us. "In reality, most of that money is owed to everyday investors. Less than 25% of Puerto Rican debt is held by hedge funds…The rest of the debt is owned by individuals and mutual funds that are held by mom-and-pop investors. 'For the most part, Main Street America owns this debt.'" The irony should be lost on no one that Puerto Rico means Rich Port.
Related: Who Owns Puerto Rico's Mountain of debt? You Do
Related: Puerto Rico's Crisis: How Did It Get So Bad?
MAGA: Final Reading on GDP 3.1%
Norquist: Administration’s Tax Reform Plan Can Achieve 4% Growth
Mnuchin: Trump Tax Plan Will Slash $1 Trillion Off Deficit
DOJ Files Suit Against Company for Allegedly Not Hiring Americans
After Monumental Equifax Leak, CEO to Collect $90 Million: Report
Army Asks House to Halt Troubled $6 Billion Wireless Program
'There Will Be Fire': Congress Fights Over How to Fund, Respond to Wildfires
Puerto Rico Economic Crisis Grows in Wake of Maria's Human Toll
Bass Pro, Cabela's Complete Merger
Putting America's Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt in Global Context
Republicans to Introduce $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Blueprint in Senate Next Week
Feds Spend $686,350 Paying Fat Kids Not to Eat
US Weekly Jobless Claims Lower Than Expected
SEC Admits US Public Filing System Was Hacked, "May Have Resulted" in Countless Illegal Profits
Why Economic Data No Longer Matters
S&P Downgrades China to A+ from AA- Due to Soaring Debt Growth – HOLLY NOTE: In 2011, the U.S. was downgraded from AAA to AA+. Of the 17 listed agencies, the U.S. overall rating is AA+, while China's is A+ Source
Buyer Beware: Hurricane Harvey May Dump Over 500,000 Flooded Vehicles on the Used Car Market
Related: Drone Footage Reveals Staggering Amount of Flooded Cars Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey
Hearing Exposes Government Agencies’ Waste-Spending Bonanza
Republicans Far Apart on Tax Strategy Week Before Release of Outline
Thriving Solar Industry Braces for Trump's Decision on Tariffs
Feds Paid $1.7 Million to Kids in Juvie
Repairs for Navy Ships Damaged in Collisions Will Cost Taxpayers $600 Million
Feds Spend Nearly $600K to Make Engineering a ‘Safe Zone’ for LGBTQ Students
Toys 'R' Us Files Bankruptcy Filing Amid Debt Struggle
Bankruptcy Filings Increasingly 'En Vogue' for Struggling Retail Sector
US Fires Latest Shot in China Trade War: Warns Beijing Is "Threat To World's Trading System"
Jamie Dimon, Here's Why You're Wrong About Bitcoin
JPMorgan Helps Clients Buy Bitcoin Despite CEO Calling Bitcoin ‘a Fraud’
Pennsylvania Will Run Out of Cash Tonight, Leaving $860 Million of Bills Unpaid
Pension Storm Coming: "This Will Become One of the Most Heated Battles of My Lifetime"
Biden to Oppose Universal Basic Income
Long-Term Mortgage Delinquencies Seriously Under-Reported
Wall Street’s Trillion-Dollar Monopoly Has Repo Traders on Edge
Hurricane Harvey Relief Comes With an Extra-Large Side of Pork
Trump Targets Rich in Tax Reform, Throwing Republicans a Curveball
Trump Vows No Tax Break for Wealthy in Deal with Dems
How Wrong Can You Be Chuckie – Schumer Slams Trump Tax Plan: 'Really a Boon for the Very Wealthy' – flashback
Trump Tweets: Congress Must Move Fast on Tax Reform
Trump Blocks China-Backed Bid to Buy U.S. Chip Maker
POLL: More than Half of Working-Class Believes Illegal Aliens Take American Jobs
Who’s Going to Eat the Losses?
Former BIS Chief Economist Warns "More Dangers Now Than in 2007"
The Coming Financial Crash
Crashing Dollar Sends European Stocks, US Futures Reeling; Yuan Has Best Week on Record
'Fiscal Insanity': Trump Floats Eliminating Debt Ceiling Altogether
See How Your Senators Voted on the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Debt Ceiling Deal – HOLLY NOTE: Out of 100, 80 voted for it.
Rand Paul: Use Foreign Aid to Fund Harvey, Irma Relief, FEMA
Trump Wants to End the Debt Ceiling, Schumer Agrees
Australia Mortgage Market Is Now a $1.7 Trillion "House of Cards"
U.S. Jobless Claims Soar by Most Since 2012 Due to Hurricane Harvey
Trump Says Tax Plan Will Cut Taxes for Middle Class Families
"We're Now Seeing Bubbles Everywhere" - Deutsche Bank Boss Urges End to "Era of Cheap Money"
The Real BRICS Bombshell
How Trump Caved to Dems Over Debt Ceiling, Govt. Funding
GOP Leaders 'Visibly Annoyed' after Ivanka Enters Oval Office During Debt Ceiling Talks
Time to Close the Foreign Investors Tax Loophole
Republican Strategy on Debt Ceiling Takes Shape
GOP Leaders to Give Trump Bitter Pill on Spending, Debt
Trump Turns Trade Into Bargaining Chip
Fast Food Workers Strike for $15 Minimum Wage – HOLLY NOTE: According to this site, cooks' and cashiers' earnings would double for unskilled labor. Those wage hikes will get passed onto consumers. Most people aren't going to pay $12 for a Big Mac Meal – over $50 for a family of 4. Instead, they'll choose to eat at home or dine out, but not at fast food places.
How President Obama Shrank America’s Consumer Dollar
Head of U.S.-Saudi Business Council: Trump Has 'Heralded a New Era' in Economic Growth
Steven Mnuchin to Urge Congress to Tie Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Funding to Debt Ceiling Bill
Fight for 15 Gets Political with Strike, Campaign Aimed at Booting Republican Governors
China: BRICS and Stones May Break Our Loans
De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold
Van Halen, M&Ms, And The Next Market Downturn
AUG 31
Q2 GDP Growth Revised Up, Fastest in Over 2 Years
Chuck Schumer Slams Trump Tax plan: ‘Really a Boon for the Very Wealthy’
Democrats Are Ready for a Big Fight Over Taxes
Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities
Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Would Be 'More Catastrophic' Than Lehman Collapse, S&P Says
Big Labor Exploits Harvey: Proceeds from 'Hurricane Relief Fund' Will Go to Labor Organizing
Sen. Donnelly to Keep Thousands in Profits from Company Outsourcing Jobs to Mexico: Indiana Democrat Sells His Stock, Will Keep Majority of Profits
19 European Countries Now Have Negative Interest Rates
Global Stocks Rise Oon Strong Economic Data, Dollar Set Tto End Streak of Monthly Declines
AUG 29
51% of Voters Support Work Requirements for Medicaid Benefits
AUG 28
Trump Targets Obama Rule on Workers’ Tips
Report: Welfare Reform in Kansas Caused Individuals to Reenter Labor Force Earning Higher Incomes
Trump Plays Hardball over NAFTA Renegotiation: 'May Have to Terminate?'
Trump: Canada and Mexico 'Being Very Difficult'…
Mexican Peso Tumbles as Trump Repeats Border Wall, NAFTA Threats
"Unloading Dollar Assets Would Be Most Effective" - Chinese State Media Unveils Trade War 'Countermeasures'
What Swedes Give Up for 'Free' Money
AUG 25
Gary Cohn Lays Out What Trump Wants from Tax Reform
Trump Wants ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Increase
Pelosi: Dems In No Hurry to Help GOP with Debt Ceiling
Fed Chair Yellen Set to Deliver What Could Be Historic Speech in Jackson Hole
US Taxpayers Spent $50 Million for Luxury Cars, Guns, & Booze to Mentor Afghan Intel Officers
Feds Waste Nearly $200,000 Analyzing Tweets About E-Cigarettes
Sears Is Closing 28 More Kmart Stores
AUG 23
Wall St Banks Warn Downturn Coming
Trump Says US Will ‘Probably’ End NAFTA
Over $6 Million in Social Security Benefits Stolen From Bank Accounts
Wal-Mart to Enter Voice-Shopping Market Via Google Platform
AUG 22
McConnell Vows to Raise U.S. Debt Ceiling
Steven Mnuchin, Mitch McConnell to Visit Fort Knox's Gold Stash
Take It from a Former Agent: No,It's Not Trump Bankrupting the Secret Service
Swing State Voters Grow Impatient for Manufacturing Jobs
How Welfare States Make Us Less Civilized
AUG 18
OPM Officials Discuss Fed Workforce Reductions – HOLLY NOTE: This is several decades overdue. Their waste runs into the tens of billions as numerous agencies are doing the exact same work documented here and here and elsewhere, but they don't share findings with each other. Government has become a bloated stinking mess and this albatross is tied to our wallets. However, neither party despite big talk, ever takes the necessary axe to the problem because they might be hurting a political ally – or themselves.
Raising the Minimum Wage Leads Workers in These Industries to be Replaced By Robots
Feds Spend $438,699 Studying If ‘Gender Norms’ Make LGBTQ People Get Drunk
Contractors Warned to Prepare for Shutdown
AUG 17
Largest Federal Union Asks Congress, ‘Why Won’t You Fill the 49,000 Vacancies at the VA?’
Trump Effect: Atlanta Federal Reserve Projects 3.8% GDP Growth for Q3
USA Begins NAFTA Negotiations
Bank of England in New Alert Over Car Finance Dangers: Unexpected Fall in Sales Leading to Dealers Offering Increasingly High-Risk Deals
AUG 16
All Jobs in UK Must Be Open to Flexible Working, Says Equality Watchdog: Agency Calls for Law to Allow Anyone to Demand Part-Time Hours
If a Top Trump Aide Leaves, It Could 'Start a Run on the Bank'
Liberal Coalition Launches 'Stop Trump Tax Cuts' Website
AUG 15
Say Goodbye to Your Safe Deposit Box
Desperate for Cash, Venezuela Gives Putin Control of Oil Assets
AUG 14
“Junkie’s Dilemma” Trade Wars with China Start Monday: Major Economic Shock Possible
State of Retail: JCPenny Plunges, Now a “Penny” Stock; Amazon to Blame? – HOLLY NOTE: We've been Amazon Prime members since when it only cost $25/year to join to ship everything free. No tax. Now it's $100 + tax. It bothers us, bigly – courtesy Trump lexicon – that Amazon has its tentacles into vastly more facets of business from when it started as a book distributor. They're making Walmart look ridiculously small. A few decads back people got all up in arms about the depth and breadth of Sam Walton's business growth. Now they'll have to get their giddyup on just to catch up. Amazon, which should have been more aptly named BEHEMOTH, is now into the grocery industry, a cargo airline, banking and competing with HBO and Showtime for making original movies. Where next? Amazon used to be sales tax free – a huge draw for us on principle. For the past couple of years we get charged local sales tax because we could drive into town to their warehouse and pick up an ordered product, which we don't have time to do and was a main draw for initially joining Amazon. Plus their IA, Alexa, wants to be all up in your privacy. Third, they're putting many brick-and-mortar stores out of business. As kids, Stan and I spent countless hours hovering over actual books, both in the local library and stores like Waldenbooks and Borders. Yes, I can order Levis at a discount from Amazon, but only after visiting an actual store to see what fits best because this year's style has changed from last year's even though they might be advertised as the same product. So will let our Amazon membership of a baker's dozen years plus expire. Not supporting a behemoth that's burying brick-and-mortars. As an addendum, we're not the only ones, real paper books are making a comeback and e-books are taking a back seat.
Walmart Beats Amazon
Fourth Turning's Neil Howe Fears "Strong Parallels" Between 1930s and Today: "It's Going to Be a Rollercoaster Ride"
Obama EPA Employees Earned Overtime Pay Without Justification
US Launches Quiet Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies
Money Laundering Scandal at Australia’s Largest Bank Triggers Another Call for Ban of Cash
War on Cash Proposals in Australia: Microchip Expiring $100 Bills, Forcing People to Keep Receipts
Related: Is Australia on the Brink of Becoming a Completely Cashless Society?
70% of Chinese Pay Cash to Buy Australian Homes, Sparking Money-Laundry Worry
Mexico Fast Becoming the US's Largest Market for Energy Exports, Report Says
AUG 11
12 Critical Events That Are Going to Happen Over a 40 Day Period from August 21st to September 30th
Trump Takes Action: 9,000 Federal Employees Slashed in First 6 Months
Surge in Bitcoin Value Alarms Defense and Intelligence Agencies Fighting Crime on ‘Dark Web’
NAFTA’s ‘Broken Promises’: These Farmers Say They Got The Raw End of Trade Deal
Cryptos Going Mainstream
Russia Aims to Cut Dependence on U.S. Payment Systems
Great Again: 1.1 Million Fewer Americans on Food Stamps
Optimism of Small-Business Owners at Highest Level Seen in Decade
China Will Use Blockchain to Collect Taxes
209,000 Jobs Created in July, vs 183,000 Jobs Expected, Unemployment Drops to 4.3%
Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation
Greenspan: Bond Bubble About to Break Because of 'Abnormally Low' Interest Rates
'The Bull Market Could Continue Forever' — Strategist Jim Paulsen Outlines Conditions
Los Angeles in Bankruptcy – Both “Virtually” and in Reality
LA Faces City Services Bankruptcy: Where Did the Money Go?
The Slowdown in Wage Growth Masks Good News for Americans Who Struggle the Most – HOLLY NOTE: Underscores the necessity to not admit more unskilled immigrants who would be qualified only to fill these jobs, taking them from deserving, less advantaged Americans.
Trump to Launch Trade War With China on Friday, Beijing Vows Retaliation
Winners And Losers…
Stephen Miller Slams New York Times for Supporting Low-Skilled Foreigners over US Workers
6,300+ Stores Are Shutting Down - Here's the List
Chicago Public Schools to Pay $850 Million in Interest on $500 Million Loan
Venezuela’s Cash Is Now Worth Less Than Currency in ‘World of Warcraft’
Focus Moves to Taxes as Treasury Secretary Touts Simple and Fairer Tax Reform
EPA Employee Who Says She’s Quitting Over Trump’s Budget Is Eligible for Retirement – Earned $250,000, with $64,000 Bonus
Federal Indictment Alleges Chrysler and UAW Execs Stole Millions from Employee Training Programs
Dollar Inches Up from 2-1/2 Year Low Vs Euro; Focus on U.S. Data
It's Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Account Freezes to Halt Bank Runs
Treasury Nixes Struggling Obama-Era Government-Run Retirement Program
Greek Debt Crisis People Can’t See Any Light at the End of Any Tunnel
Nearly All States See Increase in Jobs
Total Government and Personal Debt in the U.S. Has Hit $41 Trillion ($329,961.34 Per Household)
Amazon Hosts Robotics Competition to Figure Out How to Replace 230,000 Warehouse Workers
The Globalist One World Currency Will Look a Lot Like Bitcoin
Trump Rockin' New Jobs: Foxconn Unveils $10 Billion Investment in Wisconsin During White House Event
Walmart Unveils Manufacturing Plan to Create 1.5 Million New Jobs Goes on Hiring Spree to Fill 50,000 Jobs
August 1, 2017 Starts the Most Dangerous 90 Days in American History
Dow Closes at Record High after Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Boeing Jumps
Republicans Toy with Misguided Tax on the First Amendment
Bill Blain: "Dovish Fed and Positive Earnings: Buy Stocks... the Crash Is Still 2 Months Away"
Gov't Spends Over $3M to Stop 'Microaggressions' and 'Lack of Diversity'
Bank of England Warns of "Spiral of Complacency" Over Soaring Consumer Debt
A Mystery Investor Has Made a $262 Million Bet the Stock Market Will Crash By October
Tax Reform Must Include 'Death Tax' Repeal
Why Is Tax Reform So Hard?
Democrats Unveil Their New Vision, and It's All About the Economy – HOLLY NOTE: As seen during Obama's 8 years, their idea was to replace high-paying full-time careers with part-time jobs, force companies to institute failing, wallet-busting ObamaCare and redistribute wealth. They'll need to aim a lot higher with a better plan than using a cumbersome slogan borrowed from Papa John's.
Feds Spending $32,000 for Poetry Slams, Puppet Shows in Hyderabad
Deep State Alert
The Meltdown in Venezuela's Currency Is Deepening
What to Do with Your Cash?
Small Farmers Push for USDA Reforms
Trump Axes 860 Obama Regulations, 179 from ‘Secret’ List
Food Stamp Use Falls to Lowest Level in 7 Years
Globally, More Name U.S. Than China as World’s Leading Economic Power
More U.S. Households Are Renting Than at Any Point in 50 Years
Anti-Poverty CEOs Paid $4.8 Million Total
House Unveils Budget That Balances, Achieves $9 Billion Surplus, Increases GDP to 2.6%
Foreigners Snapping up U.S. Homes
Trump Renews Push for Trade, Tax Reform
Cryptocurrencies Go on Sale
China’s WeChat and Alipay Leads World into Cashless Society
95% of Europeans Reject EU Efforts to "De-Cash" Their Lives
Navigating Through the Storms: "I'm Losing My Sense of Outrage"
Guess What Happens In States Where Food Stamp Recipients Have to Work
Is California Bailing Out Tesla Through the Backdoor? Tesla Will Lose Federal Subsidies; So Something Big Needs to Be Done
Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold
Donnelly Family Business Scrubs Mexican Plant from Website – Indiana Democrat Sold Stock in Company after Called Out for Outsourcing Hypocrisy
Trump Effect: Confidence in Personal Finances Hits 4-Year High
Republican Congress Putting Pork Back in Trump’s Budget
Feds Spend $373,522 to Put Subliminal Cigarette Warnings in Video Games
And $224,999 on ‘Clean Water’ Video Game
If You Think Those Soda Taxes Are About the ‘Obesity Epidemic,’ Think Again
VISA Looking to Help Small Businesses Go Cashless
Fed's Yellen Doesn't Believe Trump's 'MAGAnomics' Will Be Enough to Get Economic Growth to 3%
Another Fleeing Corporate Giant: Connecticut Is Facing a Business Migration Crisis Due to Extremely High Taxes
Fed Is Prepared to Act Against Wells Fargo If Warranted, Yellen Says
Everything at This New Online Grocery Store, Brandless, Costs $3
Social Security Unfunded Liabilities Rise to $12.5 Trillion, According to Trustees Report
CBO: Trump's Budget Would Reduce Deficit But Wouldn't Balance Like White House Promised
Stock Market Up 17% Since Trump Election
Jobless Claims Fall to 247,000, Total Benefits at Low Streak
Macy's Just Signaled the End of Department Stores As We Know Them
Venezuela's Currency So Devalued Cops Demand Colombian Peso Bribes
"Canada Is in Serious Trouble" Again, and This Time It's for Real
Seattle to Vote on Implementing Income Tax on Just the Wealthy
5 Worst Fiscally Managed States in the USA
Things Are So Bad in Venezuela That People Are Rationing Toothpaste
Americans Who Can’t Afford Their Homes Up 146%
G-20 Shut Trump Out on Climate, Strike Deal on Trade
The Economist: "Get Ready for a World Currency By 2018"
Banking Could Be at Historic Turning Point with Successful Stress Tests
The Rise and Fall (But Mostly Fall) of the Border Adjustment Tax
Safeguards Against Another Subprime Crisis Changed How Banks Do Business
Mexican State Wants Ford to Pay $65M for Canceled Plant
SMASH: Job Growth Surges By 222,000, WAY Above Expectations
Here's What the June Unemployment Rate Is Not Telling You About Job Losses
U.S. Hiring Accelerates While Wage Growth Stays Flat
Trump Says Mexico Should ‘Absolutely’ Pay for Border Wall
Voter Confidence in Economic Fairness Jumps to New High
U.S. Trade Balance Improves in May as Deficit with China, Europe Shrinks
ADP Employment Disappoints - No Manufacturing Jobs Gained in June
Maxine Waters: Ben Carson 'Doesn't Care About People in Public Housing'
Manufacturing Booming
Dow Jumps 130 Points, Hits All-Time High
Trump Doubts the Media Will Cover the 'Really Great Numbers on Jobs & the Economy'
Maine Nonemergency Functions Shut Down in Budget Standoff
Gas Hasn't Been This Cheap on the 4
th of July Since 2005
America Celebrates 4th of July with Burger Prices at 3-Year Lows
Americans Will Spend About $1 Billion on Beer This 4th of July
"Colleges Are Preparing Kids for an Economy That No Longer Exists" as They Continue to Scam Parents And Students
Trump Administration Will Rewrite Obama-Era Overtime Rule
The Obama Years in 9 Charts
Market Crash Coming – Insiders Run
Ron Paul: Not a 'Shock' If Stocks Fall 25% and Gold Soars 50% by Oct.
If Congress Can't Pass a Budget, Republicans Should Cancel August Recess
Illinois Taxoholics Wear Down Governor: Massive Tax Hikes in the Works
Illinois Will Collapse in 3…2….1….. Judge Rules State Must Start Paying $293 Million Toward Medicaid Bills
Looking for a Lifeline, Puerto Rico Gov. Downplays Debt Crisis as It Tries for Statehood
NYC’s 'Decaying' Transit System to Get Extra $1B for Repairs