Written by
Holly Deyo

8-1/2 x 11", 536pp
Paperback, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9852945-6-4

Over 300 Photos and Images!

Table of Contents


Dear Readers,

Welcome to Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. This is the finished project that demanded 12 to 14 hours daily, 7 days a week to research and write for the past year and a half. It was as much a "requirement" to undertake as bestseller Dare To Prepare.

Nearly everyone senses something is wrong; something isn't normal. They feel it. They sense it. People paying attention see things are really off-kilter. Compared to just two decades ago, life is on a tilt. People in their 50s and older, see it more clearly because they remember when life was less crazy. They expected more, yet were content with less. Life was slower and appreciation greater. For 30-somethings and younger, this current pace and morality is all they've known, so life may not seem strange.

Whether a person is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, New Age, pagan or a non-believer, everyone except the most blind senses something looming. Easy life has switched to one of expectancy. Some wait for the Sword of Damocles to fall. Others expect a slower unraveling that brings great upheaval. Yet others wait for Enlightenment. Some speak of the Great Cleansing. Whatever point of view, nearly everyone senses a coming "adjustment".

Veteran Virginian prepper Jay Blevins said, "We're not talking about conspiracy theorists. I'm talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can't necessarily put their finger on it. But there's something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn't quite right."1

These expected changes can be summed up as End Times events. This doesn't mean the world will no longer exist, nor does it portend man's extinction. It does signal the close of This Age where too much discord, illness, hunger, anxiety, disease and poverty co-exists with great joy, love, appreciation and triumph.

There will be a new beginning - for all - in whatever form it takes, but know that within a very short time, nothing will ever be the same.

Prophetic Perils shares with the reader major signs to look for and gives you concrete evidence just how close we are to never-before-seen events. Prophetic Perils shows in words, pictures and specific details exactly how things have "quickened". Granted these will be frightening times, hellish in fact, not to put too fine a point on things. However, there is good news shared in the last chapter as well as information on how you can prepare spiritually, physically and mentally.

Prophetic Perils is a large format book on 8-1/2 x 11" paper and 536 pages. You will not find large margins, large print or wasted space. Margins have been squeezed to contain the most information possible.

Included are nearly 1,600 Endnotes documenting everything because some of the information you are about to read will be hard to take in
. Additionally, Prophetic Perils contains over 300 photos and many tables to make this information come alive. Below, you'll find a condensed Table of Contents below, but it's enough to give you an idea of what's covered. Friends, this is the time to strap in because we are about to enter into Prophetic Perils. For a small preview touching on a few topics, listen to Holly's recent interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Ð Hour 1 and Hour 2.


Table of Contents

-- One --
-- Two --
-- Three --
-- Four --
-- Five --
Chapter 1: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs
Chapter 2: Earthquakes - The Great Shaking

Earth Changes
Earthquake Overview
The Pacific Northwest Time Bomb
New Madrid Danger Zone
Deadly Duo - Destructive and Dangerous Earthquakes
Multiple Simultaneous Ruptures
Great Quakes Rising
Last Thoughts on Increasing Earthquakes
Chapter 3: Volcanoes, Earthquakes' Cousins
Mount St Helens
Active Supervolcanoes
Next Super-Eruption
The Sun-Moon-Volcano Connection
Last Thoughts on Increasing Volcanic Eruptions
Chapter 4: Tornadoes - Nature's Most Violent Storms
Increasing Outbreaks
'Out of Season', Not Out of the Ordinary
Tornado Alley More Than Doubles
Last Thoughts on Tornadoes
Chapter 5: Wildfires
Bigger, Longer, Stronger
Wildfires - A Burning Issue
Terrorist Agenda
The Lucky Country
Last Thought on Wildfires
Chapter 6: Weird Weather Grows Wilder
Billion Dollar Disasters Skyrocket
The 2004 - 2005 Hurricane Slam
A Once-in-a-1000-Year Event
Seven 1-in-1,000 Year Rain Events in 7 Years
Biggest Ever Hurricane
"Godzilla" El Ni–o Forms
Wild Weather Goes Global
Mega-Disasters Around the World
Last Thoughts on Disasters
Chapter 7: Signs in the Heavens
Mysteries in the Skies
Biblical Tetrads and Major Events
The Star of Bethlehem - 2015
The Gospel in the Stars
Chapter 8: Signs in the Sun
The Sun Goes Nuts
The Carrington Event
The Mother of All Flares
2012: Near-Catastrophe on Earth
Strange Doings on the Sun
Last Thoughts on Solar Signs
Chapter 9: Signs of Pestilence
More Disease Would Just Be Overkill
Bio-Safety Labs
Accidents Aren't Waiting to Happen, They Have
Careless Practices, Mistakes and Near Misses
Last Thoughts on Diseases
Chapter 10: Famine - It's Coming Again
American Indians
Africa - Famine Now
Is Famine Coming to Your Table? The Odds Are Getting Stronger
The Other End of the Sword
The Great Dust Bowl
Three More Epic Droughts
America's Fruit and Veggie Basket
Fukushima Factor
America's Food Basket
Food Supplies Severely Impaired: Just-In-Time
Who Feeds the World?
Western Food Supplies at Risk - The Rest of the Story
Farmland - The Hot Commodity
China's Food Takeover in Australia
Canada, the Right Stuff - With Loopholes
Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium and Italy
So What's Up With the Global Land Grab?
Gimme a Glass of Ethanol
Food Riots and Other Hungry Behavior
Last Thoughts on the Coming Famine
Chapter 11: Signs in Society
Increase in Fake Messiahs
Growing Bad Behavior
Increased Violence and Lawlessness
When Home Sweet Home Is Gone
Increased Drug Use
Sexuality and Shifting Norms
Finally the President Comes Out of the Closet
The Four Supremes' Dissents
Transforming America
SCOTUS Culpability
Gender Benders
Gay Marriage Around the World
It's the Law
Chapter 12: Rise of Pagans, Wicca & Witchcraft
Where There's a Witch, There's a Way
Neopaganism Goes Mainstream
Something Wiccan This Way Comes
Scouting Our Scouts
Pagans and Witches Infiltrate the Military
Accommodation, The First Step of Acceptance
Last Thoughts on the Rise of Pagans
Chapter 13: Christian Persecution
Hostility to Christianity in America

Chapter 13: Christian Persecution Cont.
Today's Lesson: No Ten Commandments
Full Scale Battle Against Christians
America's Judeo-Christian Roots
9/11 Terrorism Leaves Indelible Marks
Terrorist Attacks in Canada
Terrorist Attacks in Australia
Obama's "Secret" Muslim Meeting
Military Christians in the Cross Hairs
Christianity Continually Stripped from Armed Services
Turning Up the Heat
Christian Girls, Women Kidnapped, Raped, Beaten to Convert to Islam
Martyrs Beheaded Throughout History
Modern Day Beheadings
Mission of Islamic State
Terrorism Spreading
The New Caliphate
Fethullah Gulen's Wish for a New Caliphate
Islam and Christianity - Religions of Obvious Difference
Last Thoughts on Christian Persecution
Chapter 14: Apostasy - Defection from Christianity
Faith Shrinkage
Why People Don't Go to Church
Disenchantment With Religion
On Catholics, Protestants and Evangelical ChristiansÉ
Scandalous Scandals
Give Me the High Life
Stealing Trust
Bigger Isn't Better?
Sex and Servants of God
Abuse of Nuns By Priests
Megachurches - Mega Scandals
Fatal Blows?
Communism Infiltrates Christian Churches
Last Thoughts on Apostasy
Chapter 15: Why America Must Fall
Chink 1: Crippling Debt
Chink 2: Runaway Illegal Immigration
Border Patrol Hog-Tied While DHS Lies
Obama's Catch and Release Policy
"Sanctuary City" Debacle
If a Lie Is Repeated Often Enough, It's Still a Lie
Felon Illegals Killing Americans
Dangerous Sanctuary Cities
The Juicy Plum to Mexico's North
Mexico Facilitating Illegals Into America
Not Isolated Instances
Chink 3: Enemies Among Us
Technology Aiding Terrorists
Terrorists - The Enemy Within
Are Terrorists Living Next to You?
So You Think Sharia Is Good? Think Again
Stoned - Muslim Style
Honor Killings in the Western World
Terrorist Training Camps in America
Terrorists In Our Backyard
ISIS Closes In
ISIS' First Attack on American Soil
American Cities in ISIS Crosshairs
ISIS and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chink 4: The Fragile, Vulnerable Electric Grid
That Other Grim Scenario
Chink 5: The Fundamental Transformation of America
The Supremes
No Longer the Home of the Free
Green Lady Down
Americans Arming Up
Chink 6: National Division
Last Thoughts
Chapter 16: Visions of America's Destruction
Chapter 17: One World Government, One World Economy and One World Religion

A Different World Coming
World Notables Promoting the New World Order
To Kill a Country
Agenda 2030, the Uglier Version of Agenda 21
Tiny Footprints
One World Religion
Chapter 18: Israel, God's Prophetic Time Clock
Small But Mighty
I Will Bless Those Who Bless YouÉ
Consequences of Trying to Divide Israel
Rise of anti-Semitism
Israel's Rocky History
Prophecy and Israel Fulfilled
Prophecy and Israel to Be Fulfilled
Israel's Coming Third Temple
Black Gold
End Times Prophecy for Israel and the World
The Coming Last Battle - and Two Just Around the Corner
Why Is Israel Invaded in the Gog-Magog War?
Dominos Lining Up for Gog-Magog War
Chapter 19: The Thinning Veil
What the "H" Was That!
Bold and Beautiful
The Creepy and Frightening
The Old Hag or Night Hag Syndrome
Shadow People - Hat Man
Cattle Mutilations
UFOs, Aliens and the Nephilim
Chapter 20: Message of Hope and Beyond
End Times Rescue
Tips and Thoughts on Preparing
Appendix 1 - Sanctuary Jurisdictions
How to Read the Key for Sanctuary Jurisdictions:
The Key
Appendix 2 - Somali Cities of Refuge
Appendix 3 - ICLEI Cities Around the World


1 Waghorn, Dominic, "Increasing Number of Families Prepping for Catastrophe," Sky News, December 23, 2014, http://news.sky.com/story/1395842/us-families-prepare-for-modern-day-apocalypse