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Russians Suspected in NotPetya Malware Attacks – Data-Destroying Cyber Attacks Mimic Ransomware
Global Cyber Attack Could Spur $53 Billion in Losses
Birth Order Does Matter: New Data Shows 2nd Born Kids Are Likely to Be Criminals, Get in Trouble
Researchers Reveal How They Would Deal with an AI Uprising
China Unveils Gene Tech to Create Superhumans with Hyper-Muscular Test-Tube Dogs
Tomorrow Soldier: How the Military Is Altering the Limits of Human Performance
Millions of Verizon Customers Exposed By Third-party Data Leak
What Should You Do If You're a Verizon Customer?
More Reasons for the Alternate Energy Technology Stan Is Developing:
Massive Valley Blackout Again Puts Spotlight on L.A.'s Failing Infrastructure
Insecure Power Grid Leaves US Vulnerable to Russian Cyberthreats
Malware Meltdown: Nuclear Power Plants Now Top Targets for Cybercrime
Russian Hysteria Now Threatens to Undermine U.S. Cybersecurity
Energy Watchdog Warns Oil And Electricity Shortages Could Develop as Investment Falls Again in 2016
Harvard Doc Finds PROOF That Adam and Eve Existed and We Are All Descendants
Twitter Rolls Out New Silencing Tool as Fight Against Hate Speech Heats Up
NOAA Announces New Space Weather Model
Hackers are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security – HOLLY NOTE: Events are ramping up on the world stage with NKorea and Russia. America and the western world have never been in more dire times since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Crazy Kim nears readiness to launch a nuke strike that could impact much of America. Meanwhile Russia is trying to hack our nuclear power plants. Neither presents a good outcome and underscores why it's important to know what to do in these scenarios. Dare To Prepare lays out both short, easier solutions and more in-depth preparedness measures. Nukes are not an assured death sentence unless you're at ground zero. These situations are imminently survivable if you know what to do in advance.
Russians Suspected…
NEI: Nuclear Plants Not 'Penetrated' By Cyberattacks – This Time
North Korean Standoff May Spark America's First Cyberwar – Trump Mulls Non-Lethal Action Against Pyongyang That Could Draw Massive, Destructive Response
Telsa to Build World's Largest Battery in South Australia – audio
Archaeologists Find Tunnel That May Emulate Underworld
US Nuclear Inspection Results Now Concealed
Massive Power Outage Hits Central America, Millions Left In the Dark
1,800 Tons of Radioactive Waste Has an Ocean View and Nowhere to Go – HOLLY NOTE: This article only addresses the problems at San Onofre, Calif. All 100 nuclear power reactors in use plus the decommissioned units store their SNF (Spent Nuclear Fuel) on-site. Since Obama quashed Yucca Mountain – the already-developed deep underground storage site in Nevada that was to house all radioactive material, there is literally no place to put it. Nearly all power plant locations have run out of room. This makes nuclear power plants even more attractive to terrorists. Think Fukushima. You don't want to be close to or downwind from nuclear plants, which is why Stan developing this safe and endless alternate energy supply is more critical than ever.