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DEC 29
Apple Apologizes for iPhone Slowdowns and Offers $29 Battery Replacements
DEC 28
Two Layers of Graphene Make Diamond-Hard Armor That Can Stop a Bullet
DEC 26
‘I Want to Help Humans Genetically Modify Themselves’
DEC 22
Hackers Compromise 65% of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras in D.C.
DEC 19
Robots and Humans CAN Make Babies Creating New Hybrid Species
DEC 18
Hackers Halt Plant Operations in Watershed Cyber Attack
Why Do So Many Celebrities Think Earth Is FLAT?
Weird 'Dinosaur' Body Found in India
There's a Reason Time Seems to Speed Up as You Age - But It's Possible to Slow It Down
DEC 15
Net Neutrality: The FCC Voted to End It. What That Means for You
10 of the Most Ridiculous Overreactions to the Net Neutrality Vote
New F-35A Fighter Jet Gets a New Powerful Bomb – video
DEC 14
Humans 2.0: Entrepreneur Wants to Chip Your Brain
As Expected, FCC Votes 3-2 in Landmark Ruling to Rescind Net Neutrality Rules That Govern Internet
Thieves Target North Jersey Cell Towers, Sell Batteries as Scrap Metal
Bolts from the Blue: What's Sparking This Crazy Electrified Dance?
Secret of the Great Pyramid's Hidden Chamber to Be Revealed By Inflatable Robotic Blimp
DEC 13
Here’s How to Shut Down the Internet: Snip Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables – HOLLY NOTE: This is not new news. We posted articles nearly a decade ago when underwater cables were cut. In 2008 three separate incidences occurred in the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East that affected the Internet around the world.
AI Robots Could Soon Gain Consciousness and Rebel Against Humans to 'ELIMINATE Us', Scientist Warns
Scary Reports Show That Sex Robots Can Be Hacked and Programmed to Kill Their Owners
Netflix Faces Backlash for Tweeting Customers' Private Viewing Habits
The Incredible Map That Reveals How Green America REALLY Is: Stunning New Visualization Plots Forest Cover in the US
Apple Reveals New $5,000 iMac Pro Will Finally Go on Sale on Thursday
DEC 11
Dr. Pry Discusses the EMP Threat against America – video
Bitcoin Mining 'is Using So Much Energy That It Is Causing Electricity Blackouts'
Confirmed: New York City’s Public WiFi Stations Are Spying on You
Scientists Discover Flaw in Banking Apps
The Human Race Has Peaked And Is Now Moving Backwards
$24B Nuclear Fusion Project in France 50% Complete
Massive Cave System Discovered Under Montreal That No One Has Visited Before
Internet Security Tips – What We Do, and Ferreting Out Fake News – Two things people have repeatedly asked us are: what do we rely on for fact-checking and what do we use for system back-up. For the first question, because I listen to at least 10 hours of news every day on multiple channels, one can form a pretty decent bottom line on what's real and what's not. As to how we backup and protect our personal information… MORE
Facebook’s New Monitoring Service: Does It Go Too Far?
Arizona Citizens Tracked in Facial Recognition Database in First Step For REAL ID Implementation
UNREAL: Organization Creates Suicide-Machine, Governments Will Use This for Genocide
There's a Bug in Apple's Most Recent Operating System

NOV 27
Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow
The Sex Robots Are Coming: Seedy, Sordid – But Mainly Just Sad
Sophia the Robot Wants to Start a Family

NOV 22
Uber Hack Hushed; 57 Million Exposed a Year Ago
Dear Android Users: Google Is Tracking You Even If You Disable Location Services
NOV 21
Americans Warned: U.S Apathetic to EMP Threat: Congressional Commission Shut Down as Defiant North Korea Tests Nukes
Related: Americans Need to Prep for EMP, Energy Expert Warns
Toyota’s Latest Humanoid Robot Can Mimic Your Movements
U.S. Military Building Fleet of Star Trek-Inspired 'Shadow' Bombers Invisible to Radar
Bionic Devices Turn Humans into Superstrong Workers
This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke
What’s Wrong with Godless AI Technological Salvation, the Singularity?
FCC Prepares to Unveil Plan to Gut Net Neutrality
No, You’re Not Being Paranoid. Sites Really Are Watching Your Every Move
NOV 20
Cuban Exiles Recount ‘Sonic’ Torture by Castro Regime
China Is Testing Weapons That Can Reach the US In 14 Minutes
Black Friday 2017: All the Best Tech Deals You Can Already Shop
NOV 17
Israeli Scientists Working on Prototype for Real-Life Invisibility Cloak
Meet Atlas, the Terrifying 6 Foot 9, 167 Pound Humanoid Robot That Can Do Backflips
AI Researcher Warns Skynet Killer-Robots "Easier To Achieve Than Self-Driving Cars"

NOV 16
NSA: Cyber Attacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated, Aggressive, and Disruptive
The FCC Could Kill US Net Neutrality as Soon as December
New Artificial Intelligence Designed to Be Mentally Unstable: What Could Go Wrong?
Slaughterbots – video
NOV 15
Denver to Build 'Hyperloop-Inspired' High-Speed Transport System
NOV 14
Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core
NYT: NSA Struggling Following Major Leaks
People Who Have Narrowly Escaped Death Describe Their 'Last Moments' - from a Deep Sense of Calm to the 'Worst Loneliness'
Russian Cryogenics Firms Wants to Freeze People Before They Die
NOV 10
WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Hacking Tool Designed to "Impersonate" Russia's Kaspersky Lab
SUPERHUMANS: Chips Inserted in Brains Will Give Us Mind-Blowing Abilities Within Years
Cloning Breakthrough: 50,000-Year-Old Frozen Lion Cub Shows Jurassic Park Could Happen
Sean Parker Says Facebook Was Designed to Be Addictive
Re:scam – Next time You Get Sent a Scam Email FORWARD It to – video
Out-of-control Space Station Could Rain Fire Before Smashing Earth
Twitter Officially Doubles Character Count, Says Most 280 Testers Didn't Use it
‘Stingray on Steroids’: Texas National Guard Has Spy Devices on Planes
Least Energy-Efficient State But Home to a Climate Supercomputer
‘Obama Holdovers’ Exposing U.S. to Possible EMP Attack
The Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret

Thousands Line Up for the iPhone X Around the World
Turn Back the Clocks Saturday Night

Russian Hackers Had Targets Around the World
New Study Finds Brain Scans Can Identify Suicidal Thought Patterns

OCT 30
DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill Beginning Saturday, Nov. 4-6 During Antifa Protests – HOLLY NOTE: We don't attach any particular importance that this grid-down drill is being held during Antifa protests. Plans for the drill came before Antifa. Maybe they hope to take advantage of the power outage to further their violence less impeded. They're actually doing us a favor because SWAT, cops, ham ops and government agencies can better see where weaknesses lie. Regardless, a grid-down scenario would have lasting, horrendous impacts long after these domestic terrorists are gone. Tim, inventor of the EMP Shield installed ours 10 days ago and it looks like it's just in time. You can bet that when government finally moves on a project (the grid-down scenario), they get just how serious and deadly the repercussions will be.
Related: NASA: Solar Minimum is Coming, US Gov’t Prepares
Related: Executive Order “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events”
When Man Meets Metal: Rise of the Transhumans
What Could Pop the Everything Bubble?
Proof That Any iPhone App With Camera Permission Can Secretly Record You
OCT 27
Meet Sophia: The Humanoid Robot That Was Granted Citizenship By Saudi Arabia – HOLLY NOTE: As sci-tech perfects robots, can the image of the beast be far off?
OCT 26
Communications Interoperability Training with Amateur Radio Community Set
OCT 25
Bad Rabbit Cryptoware Attack: New Virus Hits Companies in Russia, Turkey, Germany & Ukraine
Sex Robot Inventor Predicts His Android 'Will Soon Give Birth'

OCT 24
DHS, FBI Warn Companies of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure
The U.S. Army Has a Deadly New Sniper Rifle
What Does President Putin Know About AI and Flesh Eating Robots? – audio
OCT 16
Perry Stone Urges Intercession Against Possible EMP Attack

Report to Congress: "North Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existential Threat"
The EMP Will Be Worse Than You Think
Three Ways EMPs Kill Electrical/Electronic Devices
OCT 13
Electric Engineer Discusses NKorea's Ability to Launch EMP Attacks – video
In a Cashless World, You'd Better Pray the Power Never Goes Out
Inside Knowledge About Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Could Lead to World-Changing Technology
Archaeologists Decipher 3,200-Year-Old Stone Telling of Invasion of Mysterious Sea People

Scientists Map 'Heart' of Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser
British Supermarket Becomes First in World to Use Finger Vein Payment System
Russian Hackers Stole U.S. Cyber Secrets from NSA
Why Tactical Nuclear Weapons Are Still a Thing
Equifax Has More Bad News About Massive Security Breach
How to Stop Your Devices from Listening to (and Saving) Everything You Say
Vitalizer App – HOLLY NOTE: While working yesterday, this ad come on for an app that supposedly creates wondrous effects just by waving your smartphone over coffee beans, water, food, your face… Fixes your chi and flexibility. Their site claims it was " specifically developed to harmonize disorganized, aged or damaged Morphic Fields and Frequencies." Nearly fell off the chair laughing. Backed the ad up for Stan to watch and he asked, "This IS a joke, right?" Can't believe this company wants to con unsuspecting customers out of $90 for it! Comments to Facebook are less than kind, no, people are livid using terms of "quackery," "gimmick", "this is a crock," "disgusting" to describe the app. Plus, people observed that negative comments are quickly deleted, but we found plenty Here's a sampling.
Scientists 'Able to Control the Weather Using Lasers'
Scared to Use Your Fingerprint or Face as Your Password? In the Future, Devices Will Want Those and More.
Sonic Databases Hacked, Millions of People’s Personal Information At Risk
Internet Explorer Bug Leaks Whatever You Type in the Address Bar
Smart Billboards Target Individual Motorists and Spy on License Plates and Cellphones
TSA Facial Biometric Body Scanners and Government Watchlists Being Used in Train Stations
Rapper B.o.B. Raising Funds to Check If Earth Is Flat
Related: Is the World Flat Again? How an Old Debate Was Revived In Tunisia
William Shatner Talks 'Star Trek: Discovery,' 'Better Late Than Never' Season 2 and Latest 'New Idea'
Concerns Over US Grid Security Rise as North Korea Threatens EMP Attack – HOLLY NOTE: In the next several weeks, we will begin offering complete EMP protection for home and business. Watch for the big announcement on
Nerve Implant 'Restores Consciousness' to Man in Vegetative State
Robot Farmers Successfully Harvested Barley Without Any Human Hands
Geoengineering Earth, Exposing the Global Climate Modification Assault – vIdeo
Biometrics: A Stepping-Stone to Eliminating the Password Forever
Evidence Cuba Launched a Sci-Fi Sonic Weapon at America
320 Million Year Old Brick Wall Discovered in Coal Mine 2 Miles Underground – video

Scientists Harness Power of Photosynthesis to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Fuels
More Equifax Lies? Company Originally Hacked Five Months Earlier Than It DisGeoengineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault – vIdeoclosed
Was Entirely Preventable…
Equifax Breach Protection Infographic
Verizon Ditches 8,500 Rural Customers for 'Using Too Much Data'
Someone Checked and, Yup, You Can Still Hijack Gmail, Bitcoin Wallets, Etc Via Dirty SS7 Tricks
Colorado Named 1 of 10 Finalists for the Hyperloop One Competition
Stunning Testimony: Voting Machines Can Be Hacked Without a Trace of Evidence
The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do
NSA Quietly Awarded a Classified $2.4 Billion Tech Contract with More to Come
How Big Tech Firms Are Threatening the Liberty of Many Americans - Endnotes Removed
'Variable Speed Limits' Allow Police to Change Speed Limits on a Whim
FaColorado Named 1 of 10 finalists for the Hyperloop One Competition ce-reading AI Will Be Able to Detect Your Politics and IQ, Professor Says
The iPhone Is Guaranteed to Last Only One Year, Apple Argues in Court
Dragonfly: Western Energy Sector Targeted By Sophisticated Attack Group
Sex Robots: Brothels Dumping Prostitutes in Favor of Bots as Latest Model 'Moans' – HOLLY NOTE: Evolving sexual mores was addressed in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World written in 1932. You have to wonder how did Huxley, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury and other sci-fi writers 'see' our future 60 years and more in advance… The creepy is now here. It's part of End Times and these strange sex and marriage changes are discussed in Prophetic Perils.
Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives and Agendas – video
Equifax Data Breach Exposes Social-Security Numbers, Other Data of 143 Million Americans – Hack Discovered July 29, But Company Waited Until Yesterday to Warn Consumers
Hackers Are Able to Command Siri, Alexa in a Frequency Too High for You to Hear
Hackers Gain 'Switch-Flipping' Access to U.S. Power Grid – Enough Control to Induce Blackouts on American Soil at Will – HOLL NOTE: Stan is working tirelessly on his energy project, which will protect individual homes.
Google DeepMind AI Destroys Human Expert in Lip Reading Competition
Facebook Exposed - "You" Are the Product
Want to Know if Google Censored the Page You're on? Here's the Icon toHackers Gain 'Switch-Flipping' Access to U.S. Power Grid – Enough Control to Induce Blackouts on American Soil at Will Look for
Elon Musk Said the Global Race for AI will 'Most Likely Cause' WWIII
Million-to-One Black and White Twins
AUG 31
Construction Workers Unearth Rare Triceratops Skull in Colorado
AUG 29
Sens. Graham, Chambliss: Nuclear Power Is Vital to Our National Security – video
Report: Hackers Target US Nuclear Power Plants – video
Have Physicists Found the Key to Safer Nuclear Power?
AUG 28
Underwater Ice Age Cave with Animal Bones and Remains of Girl Who Could Reveal How Mankind First Came to America
AUG 25
Cyber Attacks, Not North Korea, Pose Greatest Security Threat
New Russian Stealth Fighter Jet Revealed
US Military Eyes New Mini-Nukes for 21st-Century Deterrence
Microsoft Patents an Augmented Reality Wand
Amazon’s New Algorithm Designs Clothing By Analyzing a Bunch of Pictures
AUG 24
Government Warns North Korean Cyber Attacks Continue
DOE's Grid Report Is Finally Here. What to Know...
AUG 23
Google Doubles Down on Purging Conservative Speech
Report: Teens Ditching Facebook for Instagram, Snapchat
Eclipse Flummoxes Flat Earth Fans
AUG 17
Scottish Parliament Hit By Ongoing 'Brute Force' Cyber Attack
AUG 16
Russia Unveils New Fleet of 'Invisible' Supersonic Fighter Jets
AUG 14
4,000 Apps Secretly Record Your Audio, Steal Info
AUG 11
Microchip: You Will Get Chipped — Eventually
Phony Eclipse Glasses Being Sold
Meet the New Heavyweight Champion of Dinosaurs: Patagotitan
FCA: Hackers Now Target More Than One Bank Every Week
Where Snowden Failed, THIS Won't
What REALLY Happens After You Die?
Dr. Toby Walsh's Disturbing Predictions About AI
Nanochip Can Regrow Organs By Injecting DNA into the Skin
Smartphones Making Teens Isolated, Immature, Suicidal
US Army Boosts Spending on Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for BodyArmor, Underwear
DNA Cancer Treatments Could Open The Door to Personalized Bioweapons 'Worse Than Dying', Intel Boss Warns
Facebook Shuts Down Experiment after AI Bots Talk to Each Other in Code
Hackers Can Hijack Drug Pumps to Kill Hospital Patients
Hackers Breached Every Single Voting Machine at a Cybersecurity Conference
The Polygamous Town in a Genetic Crisis
DNA of Ancient Canaanites Lives on in Modern-Day Lebanese, Genetic Analysis Shows
Costs of Green Electricity Driving Aussies Off the Grid and into Poverty
New Technology Could Let Women Terminate Pregnancy Without Killing the Baby
10,000 Tourists Ordered to Evacuate North Carolina Island after Power Outage – HOLLY NOTE: This wouldn't be an issue when using Stan's alternate energy technology. As the world stage becomes more unstable and the fragile power grid fully overburdened and vulnerable, Stan's alternate energy discovery is more critical than ever.
'Can't Be Intercepted': Russia Achieves 'Considerable' Success in Hypersonic Arms Development
US Navy's 'Star Wars' Mach 6 Railgun Goes Mobile – for First Tests Outside the Lab
World's Biggest Submarine, Capable of Holding 20 Nuclear Missiles Arrives at Russian Naval Base
Tiny Brain Part Found to Control Aging
'Fact Checking' Website Snopes Is on Verge of Collapse after Founder Is Accused of Fraud, Lies, and Putting Prostitutes and His Honeymoon on Expenses – HOLLY NOTE: This will absolutely no loss whatsoever. Initially Snopes was reliable, but it became very left-leaning and often incorrect during the Obama years.
Trump Infrastructure Team Will Focus on Energy, From Solar Panels to Oil Pipelines
Toyota Is Developing an Electric Car That Recharges in MINUTES
Wi-Fi WARNING: Hackers Targeting Hotels This Summer Holiday with an Evil New Virus
Wisconsin Company First in US to Microchip Employees Enabling Cashless Payments
Russians Suspected in NotPetya Malware Attacks – Data-Destroying Cyber Attacks Mimic Ransomware
Global Cyber Attack Could Spur $53 Billion in Losses
Birth Order Does Matter: New Data Shows 2nd Born Kids Are Likely to Be Criminals, Get in Trouble
Researchers Reveal How They Would Deal with an AI Uprising
China Unveils Gene Tech to Create Superhumans with Hyper-Muscular Test-Tube Dogs
Tomorrow Soldier: How the Military Is Altering the Limits of Human Performance
Millions of Verizon Customers Exposed By Third-party Data Leak
What Should You Do If You're a Verizon Customer?
More Reasons for the Alternate Energy Technology Stan Is Developing:
Massive Valley Blackout Again Puts Spotlight on L.A.'s Failing Infrastructure
Insecure Power Grid Leaves US Vulnerable to Russian Cyberthreats
Malware Meltdown: Nuclear Power Plants Now Top Targets for Cybercrime
Russian Hysteria Now Threatens to Undermine U.S. Cybersecurity
Energy Watchdog Warns Oil And Electricity Shortages Could Develop as Investment Falls Again in 2016
Harvard Doc Finds PROOF That Adam and Eve Existed and We Are All Descendants
Twitter Rolls Out New Silencing Tool as Fight Against Hate Speech Heats Up
NOAA Announces New Space Weather Model
Hackers are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security – HOLLY NOTE: Events are ramping up on the world stage with NKorea and Russia. America and the western world have never been in more dire times since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Crazy Kim nears readiness to launch a nuke strike that could impact much of America. Meanwhile Russia is trying to hack our nuclear power plants. Neither presents a good outcome and underscores why it's important to know what to do in these scenarios. Dare To Prepare lays out both short, easier solutions and more in-depth preparedness measures. Nukes are not an assured death sentence unless you're at ground zero. These situations are imminently survivable if you know what to do in advance.
Russians Suspected…
NEI: Nuclear Plants Not 'Penetrated' By Cyberattacks – This Time
North Korean Standoff May Spark America's First Cyberwar – Trump Mulls Non-Lethal Action Against Pyongyang That Could Draw Massive, Destructive Response
Telsa to Build World's Largest Battery in South Australia – audio
Archaeologists Find Tunnel That May Emulate Underworld
US Nuclear Inspection Results Now Concealed
Massive Power Outage Hits Central America, Millions Left In the Dark
1,800 Tons of Radioactive Waste Has an Ocean View and Nowhere to Go – HOLLY NOTE: This article only addresses the problems at San Onofre, Calif. All 100 nuclear power reactors in use plus the decommissioned units store their SNF (Spent Nuclear Fuel) on-site. Since Obama quashed Yucca Mountain – the already-developed deep underground storage site in Nevada that was to house all radioactive material, there is literally no place to put it. Nearly all power plant locations have run out of room. This makes nuclear power plants even more attractive to terrorists. Think Fukushima. You don't want to be close to or downwind from nuclear plants, which is why Stan developing this safe and endless alternate energy supply is more critical than ever.