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#1 UFOs Are Here (in stock)
#2 The Alien Presence (Coming Soon)
#3 Why "They" Lied (Coming Soon)
#4 An Hour with Stan Deyo (Coming Soon)
#5 UFO: Made in America (Coming Soon)

#1 UFOs Are Here

Australian-made film with Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Alan Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill and Ray Palmer (publisher of the Shaver Mystery). This rare TV documentary gave birth to The Cosmic Conspiracy and contains clips of the first episode of Star Wars and Jaws. Recently discovered, UFOs Are Here is the only remaining copy of this extraordinary film.

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#2 The Alien Presence

In-depth interview with John Schuessler when he was McDonnell-Douglas' Director of Space Flight Operations for the NASA shuttle program. In this DVD, John talks about his research into the alien presence on Earth. This interview has been withheld from the public for 20 years due to threats from senior officials at NASA, US Air Force and McDonnell-Douglas. It's time to break the silence.

#3 Why "They" Lied

Stan's unreleased, uncut, testimony for Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. Filmed at an undisclosed location near NORAD.

#4 An Hour with Stan Deyo

The very popular interview with Stan at his lab in Perth, Australia explaining advanced marine and air propulsion. This cult status video was distributed in more than 1000 retail outlets. This new edition includes declassified Army footage of the AVRO flying disc project.

#5 UFO: Made in America

Previously unreleased film inside T. Townsend Brown's lab at the Bahnson Corporation. Agnew H. Bahnson, who underwrote the Brown research, later authored The Stars are Too High. This hard-to-find book published by Bantom-Random House in 1959, outlined the Illuminati's blueprint for the present alien deception. Within three years of its publication, Bahnson met a mysterious death

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